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Help and advice through guides and tips when it comes to how to best maintain your blinds and shutters.

What Blinds Are Best For French Doors?
Roman Blinds
Exploring the Latest Trends in Coloured Walls, Wallpaper Designs, and Coordinating Decor
blinds for your office
Enhancing Work and Learning Spaces: Exploring the Best Styles of Blinds and Shutters
Weinor Awnings with thick white and thing black stripes
Enhancing Comfort and Efficiency with Awnings: A Guide for Residential and Commercial Spaces
Awnings: Unveiling the Hottest Styles for Spring and Summer
made-to-measure roller blinds
A Comprehensive Guide to Refreshing Your Blinds and Shutters for Spring
electric awnings from a side angle as a covering sliding doors at side of house
A Guide to Planning Your Outdoor Spring Makeover
Navigating Spring Trends in Window Treatments
Embracing the Shade: Crafting the Ideal Pergola for Your Outdoor Haven
The Psychology of Light and its Influence on Mood and Productivity
Teal conservatory blinds Stratford-upon-Avon
A Guide to DIY and Professional Installation of Blinds and Shutters
grey electric awnings above sliding doors on house
Spring Home Improvement Trends and the Role of Awnings
room with tier on tier shutters
A Fresh Start: Spring Cleaning Tips for Blinds and Shutters
Electric Blinds
Motorised Blinds: Convenience at Your Fingertips
roller blinds for bedroom
Elevate Your Space: Exploring the World of Blinds and Shutters
made-to-measure roller blinds
A Comprehensive Guide to Maintaining Your Investments in Blinds and Shutters
Pergola Roof on a patio in a garden
Outdoor Living Spaces: Tips for Creating a Comfortable Oasis
Expert Advice: Choosing the Right Shading Solution
Weather-Proofing Your Awnings: Tips for Preparing for Extreme Conditions
Blinds and Shutters for Specialty Windows: Solutions for Unusual Shapes
Weathering the Storm: How Shutters and Awnings Provide Protection
Embracing the Future: Window Covering Technologies in 2024
Moving Into a New House? Here's a Checklist of Everything You Need!
Maximising Natural Light in 2024
Sustainable Awnings and Pergolas for a Green 2024
garden pergola over an outdoor kitchen
Maximising Your Outdoor Space: Awnings and Pergola Design Ideas
Bringing Vibrancy Home: Unveiling the 2024 Colour Trends
custom living room shutters Kenilworth
New Blinds and Shutters: Upgrading Your Home for 2024
Ringing in 2024: Window Design Resolutions for a Fresh Start
tier on tier shutters
Enhancing Home Security: The Impact of Window Coverings
Bringing Christmas to the Office: Decorating Commercial Spaces
The Magic of Motorised Blinds: A Smart Home Christmas
grey duette blinds on french doors with brown curtains on either side.
The Role of Window Coverings in Home Energy Efficiency
Blinds and Shutters: The Gift of Style and Comfort this Christmas
Grey remote Alexa blinds in Northampton by Fraser James Blinds
A Cosy Christmas: Warm and Inviting Home Decor with Blinds and Shutters
commercial vertical blinds
The Ultimate Guide To Getting Your Business Ready For the Cooler Months
wooden Venetian blinds
Blending Elegance with Functionality: The Charm of Tortoiseshell Homeware
open cafe style shutters in modern living room
The Best Blinds and Shutters for Darker Nights and Mornings
Maximising Your Blinds and Shutters for Optimum Warmth and Comfort
Vertical Blinds
Elevate Your Home Aesthetics With The Vintage Striped Frill Cushion Micro Trend
Blinds and Shutters Derby
Cooler Weather Care: Maintaining Blinds, Shutters, and Awnings with Efficiency
Sparkling Homes: Preparing for Bonfire Night with Style
Venetian blinds in kitchen
Trending Home Decor Accessories for Autumn: Blending Comfort and Style
Preparing Your Shutters for Autumn: Comprehensive Cleaning and Maintenance Guide
roller blinds Rothley
The Ease of Choosing Blinds Over Curtains
How to Decorate Your Garden and Pergola for Autumn
Preparing Your Awning for the Changing Season: Essential Tips on Maintenance for Autumn
Vision Blinds in Kitchen
How Blinds Have Modernised Over the Years
How to Elevate Your Home’s Style and Functionality by Choosing the Perfect Shutter
Roller blinds in a kitchen
Autumn 2023’s Interior Design Trends: Nostalgic Style with a Twist
Blinds and Shutters: Transforming Spaces into Energy-Efficient Havens
Exploring Excellence: A Helpful Guide to Picking Quality Blinds and Shutters
Exploring the Purpose and Benefits of Awnings
Creating a Comfy Workspace: The Magic of Choosing the Right Blinds
grey vertical blinds in an office
Perfect Blinds for Classrooms: A Smart Choice for Back-to-School
Finding the Perfect Fit: Navigating the World of Window Blinds
motorised blinds in a room behind a table
The Benefits of Motorised Blinds: Convenience and Energy Efficiency
garden pergola over an outdoor kitchen
Should I Get a Garden Pergola?
an image showing tier on tier shutters on a window behind a free standing bathub
The Versatility of Shutters for Windows: From Traditional to Modern Homes
An image of perfect fit blinds in patio door windows
The Best Way to Clean and Maintain Your Perfect-fit Blinds
electric roller blind
Roller Blinds: The Versatile and Stylish Window Treatment You Need to Know About
Commercial awning in outdoor space
Are Shopfront Awnings Worth It?
Our Top 5 Best Blinds For a Bedroom
Don’t Wing It: Why Proper Blind Installation Matters
Pergola Roof on a patio in a garden
Transform Your Garden with a Pergola: Ideas and Inspiration
perfect fit blinds
Comparing INTU Blinds and Perfect Fit Blinds: What Makes Them Different? 
perfect fit blinds
The Ultimate Guide to Perfect Fit Blinds
What are Plantation Shutters?
blinds for your office
How to Choose the Right Blinds for Your Office
grey duette blinds on french doors with brown curtains on either side.
Things You Need to Know Before Installing Blinds on Your French Doors
an image showing a brightly lit window with window shutters behind a bright yellow armchair.
The Perfect Shutters for Windows Near Me
Venetian Blinds
What Are Venetian Blinds?
Pergola roof for patio area
6 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Pergola
Are Shutters Still in Style In 2023?
retractable awning
10 Things to Consider Before Buying a Retractable Awning
blinds for schools
What Are the Best Types of Blinds for Schools?
Electric Blinds for Bifold Door
Can You Get Electric Blinds for Bifold Doors?
Roller Blinds
7 Reasons Why You Need Roller Blinds
5 Types of Shutters for Windows for 2023
popular window blinds in 2023
New Year, New Blinds: Popular Window Blinds in 2023
Fraser James Blinds vs Hillarys Blinds
Fraser James Blinds vs Hillarys Blinds
What are the Best Blinds for Bathrooms?
How Do I Protect my Awning in Winter?
How Do I Protect my Awning in Winter?
Interior Design Trends for 2023
Venetian Blinds in a kitchen
How to Choose the Right Blinds for Your Kitchen
How to Style your Home for Christmas
How to Style your Home for Christmas
What are the Best Window Coverings for Privacy?
What are the Best Window Coverings for Privacy?
Window Coverings: Shutters
The Best Window Coverings for Oddly-Shaped Windows
Blinds vs Curtains
How Do You Choose Between Curtains and Blinds?
Commercial awning in outdoor space
5 Ways to Get Better Use from Your Company’s Outdoor Space This Winter
How To Keep Your House Warm in Winter
5 Benefits of an Awning During the Winter 
Perfect Fit Blinds
5 Reasons Perfect Fit Blinds are a Must-Have this Winter
Tips for Insulating Windows
Our Top Tips for Insulating Windows this Autumn
Saving Energy at Home with Shutters
Blinds for Autumn Home Décor
What Blinds are the most energy efficient?
A guide to cleaning your blinds
A Guide to Cleaning your Blinds
5 Tips When Choosing your Perfect Awning
Window Covering Ideas to Suit My Interior Style
Roller Blinds
What Are the Best Blackout Blinds for Bedrooms?
Roman Blinds
Looking for Window Blinds near me? Here’s our top 5 choices!
Are Shutters a Good Investment?
Blinds and Curtains
Can You Put Blinds and Curtains Together?
Northampton Awnings
A Guide to Cleaning an Awning and Maintenance
Moving Into a New House? Here's a Checklist of Everything You Need!
Moving Into a New House? Here’s a Checklist of Everything You Need!
Faux wood blinds in a kitchen
What Are The Best Blinds For Kitchens?
Vertical Blinds
What are the cheapest blinds options?
Awning al fresco dining
What Size Awning Do I Need?
What Are The Best Blinds For Conservatories?
How To Keep Your House Cool In Summer 
Disney Blinds
Our Top 5 Ideas for Window Coverings in 2023
Faux Wooden Blinds
The 10 Most Popular Types of Blinds for Windows in 2023
5 Ideas for Garden Design in 2023
sunset cocktails under the awning
2 Types of Awnings for Houses & What Awnings are Used For
What's the difference: Blinds or Curtains?
What’s the Difference: Blinds or Shutters?
The Best Garden Design Blogs To Follow In 2023
electric awnings from a side angle as a covering sliding doors at side of house
What Is the Difference Between Full Cassette, Semi-Cassette, And Open Awnings?
Weinor Cassita II Awning for Patio and Garden
Awning Problems and Solutions
The best awnings for bifold and sliding doors
The Best Awnings for Bifold and Sliding Doors
Roman Blinds
Which Blinds are Best for Large Windows?
Pergola for Patio or Garden
Awning Vs Pergola: Which Should You Choose?
are awnings waterproof
Are Awnings Waterproof?
How do awnings work?
How Do Awnings Work?
Do Awnings Increase Home Value?
Do Awnings Increase Home Value?
women using a roller blind
How To Remove Venetian Blinds
Are Blinds Better than Curtains?
What are the best Blinds for Bedrooms?
What blinds are best for patio doors?
How to Wash Vertical Blinds
Vision blinds by Louvolite
How do night and day blinds work?
women using a roller blind
Roller Blinds Troubleshooting
Niche 2021 Business Awards poster, with Fraser James Blinds as featured semi-finalist
Niche Business Awards Finalists
Fraser James Blinds Cycle for LOROS
How You Can Harness the Power of Colour Psychology to Style Your Home
Awning - Yellow and black awning decor in front of a shop
How Awnings Can Enhance Your Business Premises
Niche Business Awards Semi-finalists awards logo
Niche Business Awards Semi-finalists
white shutters in kitchen
Will Shutters Add Value to My Home?
Nature bedroom interior in earth colors with a bed on a wooden floor, an evergreen tree poster on the wall and a bright window in the background.
Interior Trends for 2021
Electric Blinds are great for cat owners
What are the Best Blinds for Cat Owners?
Triangular Window Blinds
What are the Best Blinds and Shutters for Triangular Windows?
closeup of white shutters
Annual Price Increase
Fraser James Blinds are Proudly Supporting Local Charities
Northampton Market Square
The Great Fire of Northampton
Modern Map - Northamptonshire county with district titles England UK illustration
Best Businesses to Come Out of Northamptonshire
10th Anniversary of Fraser James Blinds celebration with display and '10' balloon
Celebrating 10 Years of Fraser James Blinds
Northampton town centre in Northamptonshire
Buying and Styling a Property in Northamptonshire
Peaceful Woman Asleep In Bed As Day Break Through Curtains
How to Promote Good Sleep Hygiene
How to Clean Stains off Fabric Blinds
COVID-19 Business Update
How to Control the Temperature in Your Conservatory
man working from home in living room with laptop and notepad
How to Prepare for Extended Periods at Home
Interior Design Trends for 2020
living room with patterned roller blinds
5 Stylish Alternatives to Plain Roller Blinds
How to Effectively Prevent Light Gaps Around Blinds
houseplants with Venetian blinds
How to Shorten Venetian Blinds
sun streaming through Venetian blinds
How to Style Bay Windows with Blinds
closeup of white shutters
Cleaning & Maintaining Your Shutters
white tracked shutters
Your Complete Guide to Types of Shutters
office team at Fraser James Blinds
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