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The Best Garden Design Blogs To Follow In 2023

Whether you are interested in potted flowers, vegetable gardens or gardening trends, there is a blog out there for you and here are some of our favourite garden design blogs to follow in 2023! 

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The Best Garden Design Blogs To Follow In 2023

If you are interested in awnings, then you are probably a fan of being outdoors. If you are a fan of being outdoors, then we can only presume that you have a patio or garden! 

Having a lovely outdoor space, especially as the weather brightens up, can make you more inclined to get fresh air, do outdoor activities and even have a picnic from the comfort of your own home.  

The internet isn’t short on gardening blogs, but it can be hard to know which to read. As patio awning experts, we know what it takes to turn your patch of grass into a beautiful garden and we know what garden design blogs are the best to find tips and tricks, inspiration for your own garden and even the latest in gardening news.  

Whether you are interested in potted flowers, vegetable gardens or gardening trends, there is a blog out there for you and here are some of our favourite garden design blogs to follow in 2023! 


1. Gardener’s World 

Let us start with a classic, if you have not heard of Gardener’s World then you are in for a treat! 

The Gardener’s World brand is one of the most well-known gardening brands in the UK and they have information available via their website and magazines. They share tips, advice, and host interviews with experts and professionals, so you know the advice you are getting is high-quality. 

They even have gardening jobs organised by months, which can be great to keep you going when you are uninspired or need help starting out. 

If you are an animal conscious gardener, then you will enjoy their important news about how to help garden wildlife thrive including bugs and birds. 


2. Vertical Veg 

If you are into growing your own vegetables, then Vertical Veg is the one for you!  

This blog is all about how to grow food in small spaces and containers, from balconies to gardens, from beginners to experts. Not only is this an amazing blog, but the author also has a book, “The Vertical Veg Guide to Container Gardening” which includes: 

“My eight steps to container growing success. How to grow more food in a small space. Ways to overcome the challenges of growing in the city. How growing can contribute to your wellbeing, community and city.” 

The blog owner, Mark, even has posts about how he grew £900 worth of veg on his balcony! Just goes to show that small spaces can still be functional and exciting. 


3. The Garden Therapy 

For some, gardening is not just about pretty flowers but about a personal journey. The Garden Therapy is a prime example as it follows the authors gardening journey of healing. 

This is a must-read blog for any aspiring gardeners who are also going through a personal journey as you may relate to her experiences. She also shares interesting gardening facts, information and difficulties of her own experiences. 

If you are looking for something more in depth to learn about gardening and mental health, then she has garden therapy courses such as “Garden Alchemy: Recipes for Your Garden” and “Herb Garden Skin Care” to teach you new skills and create amazing DIY projects that will be a real conversation starter with any guests! 


4. Alternative Eden 

Are you less traditional? Do you want a quirkier and more interesting garden? If you answer yes to either of these questions, then this could be your community. 

This is a UK blog which started by showing readers how the authors created a tropical garden with a koi pond.  

This blog has slowly grown to include more in-depth plant information along with garden related travelling. Alternative Eden may resonate more with younger readers due to the untraditional ideas but should be read by anyone who wants to join the authors and their cats on a humorous journey through the world of gardening. 


5. The Middle Sized Garden 

This is a great blog for people who have spaces which are “bigger than a courtyard but smaller than an acre” and is ideal to inspire anyone with a green thumb! 

They even have a YouTube channel if you find video content easier to watch! From book and tool recommendations to gardening inspiration and success, they really have it all! 

Not all of their content is only about gardening, they also have helpful tips for your garden as a whole such as easy ways to improve your privacy (awnings *cough, cough*). 

The Middle-Sized Garden is perfect for those people who do not have a huge outdoor space but want to make the most out of what they do have. Many of their tips can also be used for smaller and larger gardens as well so don’t be discouraged if you don’t quite fit the bill. 


6. The William James & Co Gardeners Blog 

William James & Co is a UK garden company who also run a blog, their blog is dedicated to everything you need to know about growing fruit and vegetables. 

From the 7 best vegetables to grown in spring, to how to start an allotment, they really cover everything you need to know about growing your own food. 

Their blog is especially helpful for beginners who may not have knowledge of when specific vegetables need planting. They also include tips for growing each individual vegetable, so you have the best chances of making something yummy. 


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