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Can You Get Electric Blinds for Bifold Doors?

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Can You Get Electric Blinds for Bifold Doors?

If you have bi-fold doors, you probably already enjoy a lot of natural light and maybe even a lovely garden view. However, you most likely also suffer from glare on your devices, excess heat and potentially a lack of privacy. 

Blinds are the perfect solution to these issues and can offer you more control over the temperature and shading of your room. Bi-fold doors are often in a large set across your wall and require several blinds to cover the glazing.

Fraser James Blinds have many options for shading a set of folding doors, but we are often asked if you can get electric blinds for bi-fold doors… 

Can you get Electric Blinds for Bifold Doors?

Yes, you can! In fact. Electric blinds work particularly well for bifold doors. Some of the main reasons for this are:   

1. These blinds are much easier to operate

Because bifold doors are usually a large installation, the blinds are often much bigger and more difficult to tilt and pull in the right way. With electric blinds, you can put much less effort into getting precise lighting control for your home.    

2. Simple and modern style

Electric blinds complement the simple and modern style of bifold doors. Whether you want a separate blind for each pane of glass or one large one to cover the entire width of the bifold doors, our electric blinds will look smart and sophisticated.  

3. Electric blinds are remotely controllable as well

That’s right, no more having to rise from your comfy position to shut the world out. At the touch of a button, any blind can be raised or lowered to the required point – making this a convenient option for large properties or window blinds that aren’t easy to reach for manual operation.   

As well as adding a little luxury to your home, remote blinds also remove the need for a cord or chain, which means it is safer for young children and pets.  

4. They’re custom-made-to-fit 

All electric blinds at Fraser James Blinds are custom-made to fit your bifold doors exactly. We’ll visit your home to take precise measurements, and our expert craftsmen will make up the blind to fit perfectly, meaning you’ll have complete coverage, whatever the size of the window frames.  

5. Simple Installation

Sit back and relax as our expert electric blinds installation team takes all the measurements and fitting of your new bifold electric blinds. We work quickly and efficiently to ensure your electric blinds look fantastic and work brilliantly.   

6. Finally, Electric Blinds from Fraser James Blinds can provide total coverage of the glazed area in your doors

Complete coverage means our blinds can help to achieve a full blackout effect. With an electric operation, you’ll always get complete coverage with no light being allowed to creep in when you don’t want it to. And, when you pull the blinds away, they’ll tuck neatly to give you the maximum amount of light and warmth.  

What Are My Choices?  

At Fraser James Blinds, we often use electric roller blinds for bifold doors as our wide roller blinds. They are perfect for covering multiple doors and windows at once.   

We fit roller blinds, so they hang in front of your window, just above the door; this ensures your blinds don’t interrupt the folding mechanism. We recommend roller blinds for those who wish to shade their room but leave their doors open to circulate fresh air.    

Contact us today for more information about the electric blinds we supply at Fraser James Blinds.   

Why Choose Our Electric Blinds?

If you’re searching for a trusted automated blinds supplier in the Northampton, Leicester, and Coventry regions – look no further than Fraser James Blinds.

The Fraser James Blinds range of large-pane electric blinds helps to bring an air of modern sophistication to any room, complementing traditional styles just as well as they would for a hyper-modern, minimalist setting.

Our blinds are manufactured in the UK using only the best materials and high-quality components. You can expect our specialists to consult you from start to finish, designing and installing a tailored solution that works for you and your space. 

Made to Measure Blinds in Leicester, Coventry, Northampton, and the Surrounding Areas

Overall, electric blinds for bifold doors offer a modern and simple solution to create privacy, reduce glare and control temperature in your home. Completely wireless and custom-made to fit, with a vast selection of fabric weights and colours, our electric blinds will look stunning in any room.

All our products are made from the highest quality materials and components. Our experienced team will work closely with you to find the perfect window dressing for any room in your home, designed around your specific needs.

There’s something for everyone here at Fraser James Blinds, with a wide variety of fabrics, designs, finishes, and colours to choose from, offering quality that cannot be matched by off-the-shelf solutions. 

Contact Fraser James Blinds today to arrange a free home visit in Leicester, Coventry, Northampton, or the surrounding areas. 

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