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What Are The Best Blinds For Conservatories?

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What Are The Best Blinds For Conservatories?

Everyone loves a good conservatory and we are no different! Conservatories can bring your home and your garden closer, give you an extra room for lounging and are a cheaper alternative to building an extension. 

As most conservatories are made from glass fit framing, finding the perfect blinds for your conservatory is of utmost importance. Not only for privacy, but for aesthetics and to ensure that the look of your home is carried into this new area. 

We’ll take you on a journey through a range of blinds which could be your perfect match for your conservatory.  


Pleated Blinds 

Pleated blinds allow you to bring modern texture and style to your conservatory whilst also using specific fabrics to keep your room cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. 

Choosing pleated blinds for conservatories offers a neat, functional and attractive window covering solution. 

Pleated blinds are especially suited to the conservatory, fitting conservatory roof windows elegantly while offering comprehensive light filtration along with effective insulation. This helps you to capture a comfortable atmosphere no matter the season, whether you need cool shade in the summer or soothing warmth in the winter. 

We can offer a wide range of fabrics and colours for your pleated blinds so that they match the rest of your home décor effortlessly. If you are already using pleated blinds in another room for your house, then using them in your conservatory can tied the house together and create a cohesive feeling.  

Vertical Blinds 

Do you have floor to ceiling windows? If so, then consider vertical blinds to make the most out of this stunning feature. 

Vertical blinds are an amazing way to cover large panes of glass with simple light control. As they can cover multiple windows at once, it reduces your time spent opening and closing the blinds in comparison to individual window blinds. 

For a conservatory, privacy is paramount especially if you are in the line of sight for neighbouring properties. Vertical blinds allow you to have great privacy control as you can slightly tilt the panels to let light in without exposing the room. When you want to fully let in the light, you can even slide them fully open to the side so that you can enjoy your view. 

Don’t worry, there is no compromise on style for practicality! We have dim out, black out and patterned fabrics to choose from along with 7 different hardware colours. If you are concerned about shaping, we offer specialised curved tacks to fit difficult areas. 

We have something to suit every taste here at Fraser James Blinds, and our friendly, experienced team will work with you every step of the way to find the ideal vertical blind solution for your conservatory – at the best possible price. 

Faux Wood Blinds 

If you want to add a natural feel to your conservatory, then faux wood blinds could be the perfect window covering for you. 

Wooden blinds are undoubtably a classic look but they come with higher prices and more maintenance which is why we would recommend faux wood blinds. They offer the same earth aesthetic with no risk of warping or damage from water. 

Many people use their conservatories as a bridge between their inside space and outdoor space, using plants and earthy furniture to create an oasis, faux wooden blinds continue this aesthetic and become a feature piece instead of an eyesore. 

We’re happy to offer this expertise to our customers during our free home visits and consultations to ensure you receive a solution that works for your conservatory! 


Perfect Fit Blinds 

When the sun comes out and you feel the sudden urge to throw open your conservatory windows, you don’t want to be hindered by blinds in your way.  

Perfect fit blinds make it simple and easy to use your windows like normal. They can be fitted into uPVC windows to fit snugly in place. Perfect fit blinds are tailor made to fit in your window frames and require no drilling to be installed. 

This makes perfect fit blinds ideal for regulating light levels, heat and privacy due to the lack of gaps. 

Perfect fit venetian blinds are hard wearing, standing up to direct sunlight while being easy to clean and maintain. This means you can enjoy comprehensive and hassle-free light control which will help protect your delicate furniture from fading, while also reducing nasty glare on television, tablet, phone and computer screens. 



Finding the Perfect Blinds for Conservatories

Here at Fraser James Blinds, we specialise in designing, manufacturing and installing bespoke conservatory blinds to create a comfortable and attractive interior during any season. 

With so much window coverage on the sides and the roof, you will need a blind solution that is custom made with your conservatory in mind. 

To avoid the headache of finding suitable blinds for your conservatory, get in touch with Fraser James Blinds today. Our team of experts can advise you on the best blinds for conservatories, offering free home consultation and measuring services to fulfil your specific needs. 

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