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Awning Problems and Solutions

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Awning Problems and Solutions

Forget diamonds, awnings are a girl’s best friend! But like friends, they can sometimes come with some issues along the way. 

When faced with awning problems, you will need to find the correct solution to ensure you don’t cause further damage to your awning, some issues will be easily fixable by yourself, but others may require a professional awning repair 

If you’re having problems with your awning, then do not fear, Fraser James Blinds are here!  We have covered the most common awning problems and solutions and how to solve them. 


Cleaning Dusty Awnings 

Your awnings protect you and your home from the sun, but to do that, they need to take a beating from outdoor conditions that are prevalent in your area. Over time, that means that awnings start to look a little worse for wear even if they’re very well made, this can be more noticeable depending on your local weather conditions. 

One of the best things you can do to make sure your awnings keep looking their best is to clean them properly.  

To start, you’ll want to sweep or clean awnings with a broom to remove any debris and dust that has accumulated on top. Heavy-duty vacuums can also be used to get embedded dust and debris out of your awnings before further cleaning. 


Damaged Fabric 

Another common problem with retractable awnings is damaged fabric caused by the outside elements: 

Sun damage: If your fabric has faded due to excessive sun damage, try sweeping it off to remove debris, then hose it down with soap to prevent any future fading. 

Fungus/mold: Mold can grow on your awning due to overexposure to water and heat. The solution to this is to spray the awning with a hose and apply mildew remover. You should make sure that you don’t close the awning until it has completely dried.  

Rips or tears: If your awning has been ripped or torn, you can use patches or special tapes to mend the gaps. You could even use a waterproof adhesive to seal the rip to improve your awning repair. 


Environmental Issues 

If nature affects the functionality of your awning, there are many solutions to resolve the problem: 

Wind: Strong winds can take a toll on your awning. To prevent wind-related breakage, you should not use your awning in windy conditions and keep it retracted when not in use.  

Rain and snow: If you have been subject to rain or snow, it can end up pooling on or weighing down your awning. You should angle the awning to prevent further accumulation or retract it completely. In the future, you should never open your awning in rain or snow to prevent further damage. 

Animals and insects: Awnings are outside, of course, which can leave them vulnerable to animals and insects, especially ones who may want to make it their new home! When animals and insects take a shine to your awning, you must carefully remove the critter and retract the awning when it’s not in use to prevent future nesting. 


Mechanical Problems 

If your awning won’t retract, it is likely that you will be experiencing a mechanical complication of some kind. 

If your awning was supplied and fitted by Fraser James Blinds, then manufacturing and installation problems are covered under your 5-year warranty. When care guidance is followed, you will get many years of use from your awning! 

Motor: if you are experiencing retraction issues such as jerking or jamming then it will likely be due to a damaged or malfunctioning motor. If this is an issue you are having, then it is best to get it fixed by a trusted professional who can inspect your awning and find the required parts to replace/repair the awning motor. If your awning was fitted by Fraser James Blinds, then we can do any awning repairs and replace your motor if required. Aren’t we the best? 

Tracks: If your awning sticks or comes off its tracks, you should try to check for debris. Even things such as leaves that could be clogging the tracks and subsequently, clean out any dirt or gunk which you do find. You can also use additional lubricant to resolve the sticking issue. If issues persist, then you should contact a professional to have it checked for other damage. 

Sensors: Electric sensor failure can occur as a result of power outages or glitches. You can either operate the blind manually (if this is possible) or call in an awning repair company to recalibrate, reinstall or replace your retractable awning. 


Finding your Perfect Awning  

Our team of expert fitters can help transform your patio with premium quality bespoke awnings. Choose from a wide range of cover styles and colours all made from the finest, most durable materials. Our awnings come with manual or electric operation systems to suit all budgets.  

Here at Fraser James Blinds we have over 10 years of experience in designing, manufacturing, and installing made-to-measure patio awnings to suit gardens of any size. As with all of our products, customer choice is paramount, and we have a huge range of awning fabrics and materials to choose from, available in many colours and patterns to suit any tastes.  

We are happy to answer any questions about awnings and help you make the best decision to suit your needs and preferences. 

Enquire now here! 

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