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Things You Need to Know Before Installing Blinds on Your French Doors

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Things You Need to Know Before Installing Blinds on Your French Doors

When shopping around for the best way to accessorise your French doors, you are spoilt for choice!  

Curtains and shutters might be popular, but blinds have become the most popular choice for French doors, and this is because they offer excellent and adjustable privacy with light control.   

But before you start, there are a few things you need to know before you go on to having your blinds installed onto your French door.  

Why Choose Blinds for Your French Doors?  

As we said, you are spoilt for choice, so why should you choose blinds over anything else for your French doors?  

Especially if you chose French doors to let in more light, you want something that won’t change this. Blinds are an excellent choice for any windows or doors, and here are the reasons why:  

Better Control of Light and Heat  

Blinds allow you to soak up as much vitamin D as you desire or retreat into complete darkness. They block heat and UV rays which helps keep you cooler indoors whilst protecting everything inside your house.  

Enhanced Privacy  

You might want to let in more natural light, but we can bet you also want some added privacy. That’s what blinds are here for! They offer a heightened level of privacy whilst letting in as much – or as little – natural light as you want. This can be difficult to achieve with other window coverings.  

Wide Choice of Styles, Colours and Materials  

Blinds are incredibly versatile, allowing you to have freedom of choice from various materials. From fabric to wood, you will find the right blinds that complement any aesthetic.  

There is even a choice between vertical and horizontal blinds, whereas, with curtains, you only have one option.   

Easy to Maintain & Install  

Blinds are incredibly easy to clean!   

For a full breakdown of how to properly clean and maintain your blinds, see our guide to cleaning your blinds.  

As for installation, your blinds can be installed and ready to go within half an hour!  

Energy Efficiency   

With the rise in your energy bills, you’ll be overjoyed to hear that blinds offer a more accurate temperature control for your room! They allow you to keep your room cool in the summer and warmer in the winter.   

A win-win!  

How Different Kinds of Blinds Work on French Doors  

In another one of our blogs, we discuss which blinds are best for your French doors. But do you know how they work on your doors instead of a standard window?  

Roller Blinds  

Roller blinds are ideal for kitchens and bathrooms as they are known to be moisture and stain resistant.   

On French doors, roller blinds provide easy access to your door handles and hinges– essential for using your doors! 

Roller blinds go on the window itself rather than cover the window frame and roll away neatly to allow as much natural light as you desire during those lovely summer months.   

Faux Wood Blinds  

Natural light is proven to help impact your mental health and improve sleep, making them an excellent choice for your bedroom. This is why faux wood blinds are the right choice for those looking for more natural light and air-filtering properties.  

Faux wood blinds are perfect for regular square windows or bay windows, but when it comes to French doors, they can prove to be a little tricky.   

But no need to worry. All they need is a little more consideration. You will need to consider the stack height with wooden blinds when they are pulled up – you’ll want to let in that natural light, but we wouldn’t want you to hit your head on the blinds!  

Duette Blinds  

Duette Blinds are an excellent choice for your bedroom due to their excellent light control.  

They also help to maintain the room temperatures allowing it to be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.  

Duette blinds are highly adaptable, allowing them to fit neatly into the French door frame. A window covering that works with you, not hinders your day-to-day!  

Vertical Blinds  

Vertical blinds are the ideal solution if you’re looking for added privacy without restricting your light control.  

Vertical blinds can fit into the wall directly or in recess, so you must consider if this will create limitations on opening your French doors. Usually, this is not the case, so there is no need to worry!   

They come in various slat widths and colours, which can complement any window or door – what will you choose?  

Roman Blinds  

When it comes to other choices like wooden blinds, you might notice a clatter as you open your blinds. Not with Roman blinds!   

They are made from soft fabric, allowing you to reach your French door’s handle easily.   

This is why our team will recommend Roman blinds as a practical window covering for your French doors.  

What You Need to Know Before Choosing and Installing Your Blinds  

Fraser James Blinds will take care of all these for you, but we aim to be as transparent as possible. We will give you all the information at our disposal so you can make an informed decision for your French doors.  

Mounting Your Blinds  

Similarly to mounting a frame on a wall, we must ensure your blinds are secure.  

Properly mounting your blinds keeps them working effectively, and when it comes to mounting on windows and doors, we must approach this a little differently.   

When choosing blinds for your French doors, you should first remember that the mounting is done outside the actual window. This is because the windowpanes on French doors have little to no depth, and we need to ensure they are secure!   

This is important to consider as it will have an overall impact on how they work with your door handles as well as how they look, especially in your space.  

Shallow Blinds   

We’ve gone over how different blinds work on your French doors, but when it comes down to it, shallow blinds are the best choice for French doors!   

This is because of the handles on the door that need to be accessed and the ability to lock your door securely. You don’t want to choose blinds that restrict the use of your French door or damage your blinds.  

Shallow blinds are perfect for French doors as they remove this potential problem with their ease of use and flexibility.   

You might be wondering what we mean by a shallow blind. All the options we have mentioned in this blog fit into the shallow blind category as they allow for easy access to your door handles and do not obstruct the use of your French door.   

If you have another type of blind in mind, please get in touch with Fraser James Blinds, and our team can review your options.  

Keep French Door Blinds in Place  

You’ll want to open your French doors, right?   

This means you’ve probably considered that you’ll need to move your blinds when doing so. We talked about how roman blinds helped to minimise the noise whilst doing so, but you also need to consider getting hold-down brackets, depending on your blinds of choice. This is so they don’t constantly move around and are kept in place when the door opens and closes.   

Fraser James Blinds have this covered when it comes to mounting and measuring your blinds! Our team measure your space accurately, help select the right blinds for your space, mount them securely into your wall and installs hold-down brackets where needed. You have nothing to worry about when choosing blinds for your French doors.  

Other Options for Your French Doors  

Blinds aren’t the only option for your French doors – although we could argue they are one of the best!   

Shutters are another great option because they add a touch of elegance to any home. At Fraser James Blinds, we design, manufacture and install a range of bespoke wooden shutters to a high standard throughout Leicester, Coventry, Northampton, and the surrounding area.  

To check out our shutters range, click here.   

Choose Fraser James for Your French Door Blinds in Leicester, Coventry, Northampton  

It’s in the name – Fraser James Blinds specialise in quality blinds for your home at the best possible price!   

Our team has a long history of installing blinds across all windows, including French doors, and can install them quickly and effectively.  

Fraser James Blinds offer free home consultations to discuss your requirements with one of our experts and go through all options for your French door and windows. We serve customers throughout Leicester, Coventry, Northampton and beyond – are always happy to help.  

Contact our team today to find the perfect set of blinds for your needs.

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