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Do Shutters Add Value to My Home?

Shutters not only improve your home's aesthetics, but shutters are energy efficient too. If you're planning to sell your home in the future or if you're simply looking at ways to increase your home's comfort, shutters are the answer!

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Will Shutters Add Value to My Home?

When it comes to assessing whether different home improvements are likely to add value to your property should you come to sell, it can often come down to a simple matter of taste. After all, if you get the right person through the door, no matter how niche or unique your choice of internal decor, almost anything can make a difference. But it’s hard to deny that a good stylish set of shutters can create an instant impact that sets them apart from blinds and curtains, and is likely to catch the immediate attention of any potential buyer. 

closed full height shutters in white

Getting the right look

Shutters have great kerb appeal, which means they can be having an effect even before anyone steps through the front door. That first impression can make a huge difference, as it means your viewer is already in a positive frame of mind regarding your property when they do get inside.

Shutters on their own, of course, won’t necessarily be adding value; it’s important that you choose the right ones to create a ‘look’, to give a room or even your whole home that wow factor. After all, if your shutters are not in keeping with the area you live in, the style of window or the rest of the decor in your home (or at least the room in which they have been fitted), then they are not going to create the same impression. Get it right and you’ll have the sort of feature that many buyers love.

Bay Window shutters with hidden tilt

Better insulation

Window shutters don’t just add a touch of class to your home, they also provide noticeably better insulation than curtains or blinds. In other words, those shutters will almost certainly be reducing heating costs in winter. Not only does that mean that you will be saving money as long as you are living with them, it also makes them a very attractive proposition for any potential buyer.

half open, half closed tracked shutters on bifold doors

Are shutters worth the investment?

Of course, the value of your home is not just a financial measure of what it might be worth at some point in the future. It can also be a measure of how much it can improve your lifestyle now, and shutters are going to do this every time. We’ve already mentioned that they improve insulation in a room, but there are other things that can add value to your life that you don’t always get with blinds or curtains: they provide extra control over the levels of light within a room; they’re generally much easier to keep clean; and they’re a lot less likely to suffer accidental damage as a result of clumsy children or curious cats.

Fraser James Blinds has a range of shutter options that can add value to your current lifestyle and real value to your home. We are experts at creating bespoke shutters and we have many satisfied customers around the Leicester, Northampton and Coventry areas. So why not contact us today for more details on our shutter design and fitting service, or even a free home visit.

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