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How can Awnings help the Hospitality and Retail Industry Thrive again?

Businesses of all kinds have had to adapt to the demands of the pandemic and an increase in awnings demand has been noticed.

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How Awnings Can Enhance Your Business Premises

At the time of writing, the date on which all COVID-related restrictions will be lifted has just been shifted back to July 19 rather than the original date of June 21 as had been intended in the UK government’s roadmap. As a result, it still feels like it’s going to be quite a while before things get completely back to normal. 

Businesses of all kinds have had to adapt to the demands of the pandemic, primarily in terms of how they use the space at their disposal. Social distancing has meant that, even when open, fewer people have been able to be accommodated inside shops, restaurants, bars and offices. And even though those rules may soon be on their way out, people are unlikely to want to be getting too up close and personal with strangers after the best part of a year and a half of relative isolation.

Under these challenging circumstances, this month the team at Fraser James Blinds is taking a look at how awnings can help businesses better look after their customers. 

The hospitality industry

Hospitality is one of the hardest hit industries, yet also perhaps the best placed to take advantage of the potential benefits of awnings. Even when allowed to trade, bars and restaurants have had to limit numbers to comply with social distancing rules. Those lucky enough to have outdoor areas can use awnings to extend their seating to customers in all weathers. Meanwhile, with the addition of modern outdoor heaters, these spaces can continue to be used even throughout the winter, with only the harshest of weather likely to significantly affect customer comfort.


The smaller shops on our high streets and local parades have been having to limit customers to as low as two or three at a time, which has meant we have often had to queue outside if we have been needing to go in. In decent weather that’s not a problem, but when it’s wet, cold and windy, we might just give up and try somewhere else. With trade already significantly reduced, those additional lost sales could prove fatal to struggling businesses, as potential customers go to the more spacious supermarkets instead. Awnings give people somewhere to queue while they wait for others to come out.

Alternatively, retailers can move some of their products under the awning to create extra space for customers indoors, while at the same time giving passing trade an incentive to stop and see what’s on offer.


If you think awnings could be just the thing to see your business through what will hopefully be the final days, weeks or months of the pandemic, why not give the team at Fraser James Blinds a call to see how we can help? Our awnings can protect against all weathers, including strong sun and heavy rain, while also extending trading space and maintaining social distancing.

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