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Looking for Window Blinds near me? Here’s our top 5 choices!

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Looking for Window Blinds near me? Here’s our top 5 choices!

Window blinds are one of the most popular forms of window dressing (no shocks there), but there are a whole variety of blinds to choose from! 

The choice is astounding but can be overwhelming. I mean, how many people know the difference and, more importantly, the benefits of the different types of blinds? 

No matter if you need to control your blinds from the click of a button, require a blackout feature to keep kids asleep for longer or need a cost-effective way to cover a large window, there’s a blind for you! 

Roman Blinds 

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are a luxurious choice for covering a window. Made from a thicker fabric than roller blinds, they have rods sewn inside to create even folds. As you pull the cord, these blinds neatly unfold from the top of the window. 

Roller blinds offer a completely compact and practical window dressing solution, with an extensive range of colours, designs, patterns, and fabrics to cater to all tastes. 

Roller blinds are perfect for all rooms in the home, including living rooms, bathrooms and home offices. However, they are particularly great for bedrooms, given how easy they are to motorise and fit with a blackout lining. 

Fun Fact: Did you know Roman blinds originated from the peak of the Roman Empire over 2,000 years ago? As with many other household items created in ancient times, they were built out of necessity and for a specific function rather than fashion. 

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds

Roller Blinds are also a trendy choice around the UK. Theyoffer a completely compact and practical window dressing solution with an extensive range of colours, designs, patterns, and fabrics to cater to all tastes.

Roller blinds can be as simple or as creative as you wish; you can keep things clean and contemporary with solid colours and straight lines, or you can opt for a striking combination of scallops, braids and exotic patterns. The choice is entirely yours with made-to-measure roller blinds from Fraser James Blinds. 

Fun fact: The beauty of roller blinds is that they allow you to enjoy all the benefits of a more expensive window covering without spending much money. This is especially convenient for homes with many windows. You can have tasteful décor, privacy and light regulation throughout the house while still having some money left for another home project. 

Venetian Blinds

venetian blinds

Bringing a stylish yet traditional look to any room in the home, Venetian blinds are certainly the most versatile on the market.  

Venetian blinds are a series of stacked, two-inch-wide horizontal slats connected by cords or strips of fabric. To adjust the blinds, you pull the cords to either rotate the slats or bring them together and up.

Whether you want them fitted in the bedroom, the kitchen or the spare bedroom/home office, the level of light control you get is simply unmatched and fantastic for privacy. 

Fun fact: Contrary to their name, Venetian blinds are thought to be from Persia, not from Venice. They were brought west to Europe in the 18th Century, and they quickly became cemented as one of the most popular types of window treatments—and they’re still incredibly popular today. 

Vertical Blinds  

vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are a fantastic combination of style, and flexible functionality Vertical blinds are, as you might expect, a series of vertical slats (often made of a metal like aluminium) that hang from a track. As with Venetian blinds, the slats can be either rotated or pulled together to the side to adjust the amount of light filtering into a room. 

They bring high levels of privacy and shade to any room while being simple to operate, control and adjust and make impressive statement pieces to any room. 

Fun fact: The horizontal blinds, commonly used as traditional shutters or Venetian blinds, had a shape that allowed dust to settle on them quickly, making cleaning them up a regular and often time-consuming task. 

Observing this flaw, Edward and Frederick Bopp invented vertical blinds in 1950. They did not allow debris to settle on them because of their shape and were, hence, easier to clean and maintain. They were also easier to operate as they could be shifted to the side instead of lifting or lowering, which involved greater effort than other window treatments. 

Electric Blinds 

electrical blinds

Electric blinds are the modern way to control heat and light admittance in your home or business, enabling you to maintain a comfortable room temperature all year round.  

At the touch of a button, any blind can be raised or lowered to the required point – making this a convenient option for large properties or window blinds that aren’t easy to reach for manual operation. 

As well as adding a little luxury to your home, remote blinds also remove the need for a cord or chain, which means it is safer for young children and pets. 

Fun fact: Electric blinds are ideal for hard-to-reach spots such as high skylights due to being able to close them with a touch of a button! Ultimate hands-free blind control is at your fingertips. 

What blinds should I choose?  

If you have done some research but are still struggling to decide on the right style of blinds for you, try our blinds finder quiz. Simply answer a sequence of questions, and we recommend a style of blinds to suit your needs. Alternatively, you can also use our blinds comparison tool to quickly compare the features of different kinds of blinds. 

Top quality Blinds for Windows in  Leicester, Coventry, Northampton, Nottingham & Derby

We believe every home deserves the best possible quality when it comes to blinds and window dressings, and here at Fraser James Blinds, we are dedicated to helping you find the perfect blinds for your home at the best possible price.

From the bedroom and living room to the kitchen and conservatory, we supply and install a range of bespoke, custom, made-to-measure blinds to complement any theme, decor, or taste.  

Whether you’re in need of stylishRoman blindsorroller blinds, or require blinds to neatly fit yourconservatory, look no further than Fraser James Blinds.  

To arrange a free home visit in Leicester, Coventry, Northampton, Nottingham & Derby, or the surrounding areas,contact Fraser James . 

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