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5 Tips When Choosing your Perfect Awning

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5 Tips When Choosing your Perfect Awning


Both stylish and practical, awnings make the perfect addition to any patio or outdoor dining area, and there are countless colours, patterns and styles to choose from to suit your home. 

Perhaps you want an area where you can comfortably entertain family and friends, or maybe you just want to be able to enjoy your garden, whatever the weather – an awning provides shade and protection throughout the year. It’s also a lovely aesthetic feature to your home, adding colour and style to your garden while also being practical. 

Choosing the rightawning for your house requires a bit of research and forethought to ensure that the awning you purchase is suitable for your space.  

Some considerations to make include: 

1. Size 

The awning’s purpose and the space’s overall size will determine the size of the awning you need. A smaller awning is perfect as a decorative feature, while a larger awning delivers excellent protection from the sun and more shade for your garden. 

There are two main factors that dictate which size awning you need: the space that requires shading and which direction it faces. 

For the first factor in deciding on your awning size, measure the area you’d like to cover to get a general idea of the awning size you need. 

This includes any spaces with patio sets and door walls outside or above multiple windows. The measurement you take will give you an idea of what size awning you’ll need, large or small, to perfectly fit your area. 

The second factor in determining the ideal awning size for your home is the direction in which it faces (time to get the compass out!). 

Many homes with an east or west exposure find that an awning with a 10-foot projection perfectly suits their needs. For homes with patio sets or areas away from the house that need to be covered, 12- or 13-foot projections work well. 

Fraser James Blinds recommends an awning that is as wide as possible for homes that are north- or south-facing. We recommend adding approximately 3 to 4 feet to the width of the desired area for the awning’s dimensions. 

Also, think about how far out you want the projection of the canopy to be.We have another blog that deals with this, which you can readhere. Get measuring! 

2. Price 

If you’re wondering about the price of awnings for your home, there are several things to consider. The most important thing to consider is the quality of the installation. 

You want the awnings to last a long time, so you should ensure that you’ve hired professionals fromFraser James Blinds with a track record for quality work. Otherwise, you’ll likely end up paying more in the long run because of improper installation or having to refit it if the installers don’t do a good job. 

Here at Fraser James Blinds, all our prices include VAT and installation, which makes it easier to budget before the awning is fitted.But you may want to include some extra funds for optional extras such as wind sensors, heating, lighting, and valances too! 

You should also consider the type of warranty available. Awnings are an investment, so you should ensure the warranty is sufficient. 

We ensure the highest possible standards with all ourawnings. All components are manufactured with the most durable materials. Heavy duty aluminium is used for the folding arms, for instance, and all ourawningscome with a 5-year guarantee for ultimate peace of mind. 

Awnings for your home are available in many different styles and materials. The price will also depend on how elaborate you want your awning to be, the quality of the material used, and the installation. Some awnings are inexpensive, while others are expensive, so it’s important to compare prices before choosing the right one. 

3. Colour and design 

The colour of the awnings for your home should compliment your home’s design and compliment your interior style. The awning should be a complimentary colour to the rest of your house, providing visual continuity when you enter the home. 

There are many different options when choosing the colour of awnings for your home. The first thing to consider is your house’s architectural style. A traditional-styled home would benefit from a more subdued colour, while a modern-styled home would benefit from bold colours. Consider your home’s architectural style when choosing a colour for your awnings. You might even want to contrast it with the exterior colour of your house to create a statement. 

Our team of expert fitters can help transform your patio with premium quality bespoke awnings.Choose from a wide range of cover styles and colours made from the finest, most durable materials. 

4. Angle 

The angle of an awning is something people may overlook but is very important for overall performance. 

For windows facing east or west, the drop size is recommended to be 65-75% for optimal performance. For a south-facing window, the drop can be as low as 45-60% as less coverage is needed due to the angle of the sun. 

5. Side panels 

Some people may also want the added feature of side panels, which changes the architectural feel and look of the awnings. 

These panels can also be good for providing coverage from a different direction if more shade or protection is needed. 

Finding Your PerfectAwning 

Your garden is an extension of your home, and you want to be able to enjoy this space as much as possible throughout the year, which an awning enables you to do. Ensure that you choose a design and style that compliments your home and works well with how you plan to use the space. 

Our team of expert fitters can help transform your patio with premium qualitybespoke awnings for your house. 

Our clients rave about ourawnings for houses. Don’t believe us? Just look at our fantasticvideo customer testimonialsand4.97-star ratingsfrom 328 reviews! 

Don’t forget to give Fraser James Blinds a call if you have any questions or concerns about measuring for an awning or the installation process. 

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