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How to Style your Home for Christmas

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How to Style your Home for Christmas

It’s that time of year again! The days are shorter, the nights are colder, and people everywhere are getting into the festive mood. 

Christmas is the best time of year for so many reasons, but for some, it can bring along with it a lot of stress and anxiety.  

Many people feel like they need to spend an obscene amount on decorations or worry about what other people will think about their decorated homes.  

However, there’s no need for that when there are easy ways to style your home for Christmas without breaking the bank: 

1. Go for a strong colour scheme 

A bold, bright colour scheme will make your home look instantly festive. You can choose one main colour used throughout the house or go for various colours to create a more dynamic look.  

Consider using reds, greens, and golds for a classic Christmas feel or experiment with new colours such as pink, purple, and orange. You could also try a more traditional colour theme, such as gold or silver, which always looks elegant.  

Really bring your colour scheme to life with festive coloured blinds, such as Venetian Blinds. The Venetian blinds we offer here at Fraser James Blinds are colour-coordinated to your tastes, bringing an elegant consistency to your home decor. 

Whether you choose red and green, black and white or any other combination, the key is to stick with it throughout your Christmas decorating. This will ensure that your house looks cohesive rather than like a patchwork of random decorations.  

When the Christmas period is over, simply incorporate the colours into your year-round décor through throw pillows and trinkets to bring your whole home together. 

2. Make it cosy  

Shut out the chills of winter and create a cosy Christmas sanctuary to curl up and hibernate with snug throws, textured pillows, and pops of warm colour.  

Dress your windows with shutters to lock in both the heat and that fuzzy sense of holiday comfort. 

Did you know thatshutters have been shown to reduce heat loss through a window by more than 51% when closed? 

The most effective way to reduce heat loss through your windows, shutters fit snugly at your window to provide a barrier against the cold air outside, keeping chilly draughts out and the warmth in.  

3. Add a touch of fairy lights 

Use fairy lights to create a festive atmosphere and brighten up dark spaces. Set up a timer to turn them on and off automatically so they come on every evening and won’t be left switched on when you’re not there.  

You can decorate your Christmas tree, wreaths, and garlands with fairy lights too!  

If you’re skilled with a ladder, you can even buy outdoor fairy lights to keep your home looking festive for all your neighbours to see. Are you going to be the envy of your street this year? 

4. Contemporary festive dining 

There are so many ways to dress a dining table for Christmas Day. The best way to create a festive table is by using a tablecloth and runner. Work in extra texture and colours with foliage, crockery, and accessories too.  

Consider using a centrepiece or two to elevate the look of your table, and add candles in various sizes, heights and shapes for extra focal points and ambience. 

Adjust your blinds, shutters, or curtains to get the required amount of light, leave off overhead lights and create a soft ambience with lamps, candles, and even some twinkly fairy lights!  

Vertical Blinds are great for light control. Vertical Blinds bring high levels of privacy and shade to any room while being simple to operate, control and adjust, meaning you’ll still be able to work them once you’ve had a festive tipple.  

To ensure that our made-to-measure vertical blinds can complement any theme or decor, we offer a choice of over 300 fabrics, including bold, solid designs, light, neutral and soothing tones, textured pattern prints and more.  

5. Create an inviting smell with a festive candle 

Want to make your home smell like Christmas? Then, use a festive candle. It’s a great and cost-effective way to create an inviting scent that will fill your home with holiday magic and get you in the spirit of things.  

Use candles in various sizes and shapes to create the perfect ambience.  


If there’s one thing that we hope you take away from this article, it’s that Christmas doesn’t need to be an overwhelming time.  

By using simple steps like introducing a strong colour scheme into your home and adding natural touches like garlands, you can create a cosy environment for yourself and your family to enjoy for years to come. 

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