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Home » Blog » How Do Awnings Work?

How do Awnings Work?

Home » Blog » How Do Awnings Work?

How Do Awnings Work?

Both stylish and practical, awnings make the perfect addition to any patio or outdoor dining area.

They can offer much-needed shade from the midday sun, and they can even protect you (and your barbecue) from unceremonious summer showers. No more getting caught out in the unpredictable English weather!

Top Tip: Not all of our awning fabrics are weatherproof so don’t leave it out all the time in bad weather as it can damage the fabric!

With so many choices out there, you need to ensure that your awning can meet your personal needs. So, which awning will be your perfect fit?

How do Manual Awnings Work

The manual retractable awnings offered here at Fraser James Blinds share the same premium fabrics and build quality that you would expect from an electric awning – the only difference is that you will have a crank instead of a motor.

Don’t let that put you off though, manual retractable awnings are very easy to use and look just as good out there on your patio.

Maybe you are more traditional and want that feeling of cranking your awning open, we don’t blame you if you do!

Manual awnings have an external crank and a handle that raises the awning. In order to retract it, you have to turn the crank. The number of crank turns depends on the type of winch, which is chosen according to the size of the awning.

For the pragmatic of you out there who may worry about electrical faults, a manual awning may be a better option as this eliminates the slight risk. All of our awnings come with a warranty, so whether it is manual or electric, we assure you that we’ve got you covered.

Customers may choose a manual awning for many reasons such as it is budget-friendly (savings of up to £300!) and comes in a wide range of colours and fabrics to suit your style.

How do Retractable Awnings Work

Retractable awnings offer even more practicality than their fixed equivalents because they can be extended or retracted depending on what the weather’s doing.

Remember walking past shops in the morning and seeing shop owners putting up their awnings? Those are retractable awnings! Retractable Awnings are a staple for people who want to make the most out of their outdoor space.

For example, you might want to extend the awning when the sun is at its strongest but retract it in the evening to make the most of the remaining rays.

All of our awnings are retractable awnings to give you freedom over your new outdoor living area! Depending on whether you choose a manual or electrical awning will affect how this operates.

How do Electrical Awnings Work

 The electric patio awnings that we offer here at Fraser James Blinds bear all the quality features of our traditional awnings, yet they’re motorised.

This means that you no longer need to scramble to roll up your awning if the weather turns bad – just one click and you can head back inside. Simple.

Talking about clicking buttons, who out there secretly wants their own James Bond experience pressing buttons? The simplicity of our electrical awnings is enough to make anyone feel like 007. Or if you are more of a Bond girl, I’m sure you will agree that no one wants to be cranking in their awning after a few glasses of wine!

Electrical awnings have a wire which connects the motor to one end of the awning. This is ready to be connected to your power by a trained electrician.

With our awnings, there is no need to push the cover open as the arms automatically follow the cover as it opens or closes and they are made to ensure that they open and close softly.

This means all you’ll see is the awning itself (unless you choose to add heating and lighting accessories – in which case your installer will add a small receiver box onto the wall beside it).

Of course, with our electrical retractable awnings, you still get the same wide array of options when it comes to colours, styles and fabrics, so you can make sure that your new awning fits perfectly with your home’s aesthetic.

If you are worried about electrical faults, then let me reassure you that all of our awnings come with a warranty, so if the unlikely were to happen, we’ve got you covered!

What Awning is Your Perfect Fit?

No matter what your individual needs are, there is an awning for you! Electrical awnings are especially useful for people who may struggle to operate a manual awning.

All of our retractable awnings come with a 5-year warranty and are installed by highly-trained professionals, so you can expect outstanding performance for years to come!

Just look at our two amazing video customer testimonials and 4.97-star ratings from 328 reviews! 

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