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Your Complete Guide to Types of Shutters

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Your Complete Guide to Types of Shutters

Types of shutters


Elegant and functional, shutters have maintained their popularity as a beautiful addition to homes across the country – helping homeowners to enjoy comfortable, cool interiors in summer, and plenty of warmth in winter. Other benefits include privacy control and soundproofing. There are many different types of shutters that customers can choose from, and in this handy guide, we cover the key players.    

Café style shutters 

For those seeking the perfect balance between light and privacy, the design of café style shutters is ideal as they cover the bottom half of the window to stop prying eyes, while leaving the top half of the window exposed for light admittance. 

Full height shutters

True to their name, full height shutters span the entire height of the window, making them the ideal choice for when you need full coverage for either windows or doors. 

Tier-on-tier shutters

With independently operational top and bottom halves, tier-on-tier shutters allow you to achieve the ultimate flexibility over light and privacy in your property. This gives the user full freedom to respond to external temperatures and the needs of room users. 

Tracked shutters 

These shutters are guided along a track, enabling them to glide open easily, sometimes over an expansive space – this easy movement over a wide area makes them an ideal choice for large windows or doors. 

Plantation shutters 

With their origins in the deep south of America, plantation shutters became popular in this region as an alternative to curtains. This is due to their multiple advantages, including privacy, light, temperature, and noise control. Plantation shutters have louvered shutters, and these angled slats are designed to allow in air and light, but keep out harsh glare and sunlight. 

Wooden shutters 

As the most sought-after material for shutters, wood adds a touch of earthy charm to any home. This material also offers other desirable, and practical, benefits – namely a strong insulative ability to help maintain comfortable internal temperatures, as well as acting as a soundproof barrier to muffle outside noises. 

Shaped shutters

You might think that shutters lack the versatility to dress unique window shapes, but this isn’t true. Shaped shutters, varying from circular to octagonal, mean that even the most obscure of rooms can still feature shutters. So, don’t feel disheartened if your windows aren’t a traditional shape!


If you’re searching for made-to-measure shutters to perfectly complement your home, we can help. Fraser James Blinds design, manufacture and install a broad range of shutters to suit any style of home. Simply discuss your needs with our experts, and we will ensure a solution that brings peace, comfort and light control – we serve a wide area of Leicester, Coventry, Northampton, and beyond.

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