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How To Keep Your House Cool In Summer 

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How To Keep Your House Cool In Summer 

Heatwaves. Sticky nights. Fans all around. Knowing how to keep your house cool in the summer can be a godsend and save you from the never-ending heat. 

We all love summer; it is a great season and encapsulates so many of those things us Brits love. 

BBQ’s, dips in a swimming pool and a good ice-cold drink are a few of those creature comforts which we enjoy in the heat. But what about when you DON’T want to feel the heat? 

British homes are not designed to stay cool, they are generally designed to keep heat in which is great in summer but is our downfall in summer months. 

Want to find out how to keep your house cool in summer? 

How To Keep Your House Cool In Summer 

1. Use An Awning 

If you have an outside area and large doors/windows then direct sunlight can heat up your home. Patio awnings can keep direct sunlight at bay and allow you to have an area of shade outside. 

Using awnings stops the sunlight coming through your house and therefore keeps your house cooler. 

An awning will also allow you to have a nice cool area outside for lounging, BBQing and dining. You can use an awning for many purposes and it will serve you all year around. It may seem hard to imagine now but in some months’ time it will be cold again and you will enjoy sitting under an awning under a blanket or using an integrated awning heater. 

2. Invest in Fans 

Fans are an ideal way to keep air circulating around your home without needing to open a window. Investing in a good quality, large fan will be more effective than using a small desk fan especially if it is a large room. 

Here are a few tips on how to make the most out of a fan: 

  • Set your fan to point upwards 
  • Face your fan towards the wall so it bounces the air off of the wall 
  • Place a bowl of ice and cold water in front of the fan to send icy droplets across the air, think of it like a homemade air-con unit 
  • Try to set your fan on a timer or remember to turn it off as it can consume a lot of energy 

Fans will be the most effective when combined with other forms of heat management. 

3. Use The Correct Window Covering 

We all love whipping the curtains open in the morning and enjoying the morning sun but this can actually be a mistake!  

To keep your rooms cool, you want to keep all window coverings close whilst the sun is out to block the sunlight and keep hot air out. Once the sun goes down, you can open your curtains and let the cooler air in to assist in cooling your home. 

Blackout window coverings are some of the best window coverings to assist with the heat. Obviously, blackout blinds block out the sunlight which in turn keeps the heat out!  

Blackout blinds have also improved in design, no longer are they plain and boring, you can get stunning colours and designs to suit any room and style. Shutters can also do the trick if you prefer that aesthetic!

4. Use Appliances Wisely 

Appliances are often overlooked when you think about heat in your home but they can produce masses of heat. 

Using appliances such as an oven can significantly heat up your home. Try cooking outside on a BBQ or create meals which don’t require the use of an oven, or use a Pizza Oven to keep the heat outside! 

Other appliances such as computers, kitchen appliances and the TV can create heat just by being on standby! Turn them off completely to stop them overheating and be mindful of charging appliances as this can also cause heat. 

5. Plant Foliage 

Plants are beautiful both inside the home and outside and are great at keeping your home cool. 

If you have a garden and are lucky to have the space, then you should consider planting some foliage outside. Though the payback on this may take a few seasons to really help, planting trees and plants around your home can provide shade and prevent heat seeping into your home through windows.  

Consider planting trees in the direct sunline when the sun is at it’s peak to provide much needed shade from the heat. Don’t worry, in winter the tree will lose its leaves so you will be able to enjoy the small amount of sunshine you will receive! 

You could also consider planning smaller bushes and plants around an awning to create an oasis in your very own home! Turn Coventry into the Caribbean with a few additions to your home! 

6. Create A Cross-Breeze

Maybe you have tried keeping your curtains and windows shut but it just isn’t working for you, in that case, try creating a cross-breeze through your house.  

You can create a cross-breeze through your house by opening windows at opposite ends of the house and leaving doors open so that air can circulate freely. Even though you have open windows, you should still keep your window coverings closed to stop sunlight coming in. This means you can have shade but still enjoy a good summer breeze. 

Combining a cross-breeze whilst using an awning can improve the effectiveness as the air you circulate in will be cooler due to the shade. 

Are you more knowledgeable about how to keep your house cool in summer? You’re welcome! 

Whether you decide to get an awning, blackout blinds or something else, get in touch now with Fraser James Blinds and find out how we can help you to keep your house cool in summer! 

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