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2 Types of Awnings for Houses & What Awnings are Used For

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2 Types of Awnings for Houses & What Awnings are Used For

Thinking of getting something for your outdoor space which allows you to enjoy your garden all year without having to care about the hot summer months, and sweating under striking sun rays or being caught out in the rain? An awning for your house is EXACTLY what you need to fulfil your desires. So, what are the two different types of awnings for houses? 

Manual Awnings 

Whether you’re budget-conscious or you simply take pleasure in cranking out your sunshade, a manual retractable awning is just what you need. 

The manual retractable awnings offered here at Fraser James Blinds share the same premium fabrics and build quality that you would expect from anelectric awning– the only difference is that you will have a crank instead of a motor.Don’t let that put you off though, manual retractable awnings are very easy to use and look just as good out there on your patio. 

 Here are some of the reasons why many customers choose manual awnings for houses 

  • A budget-friendly choice 
  • An array of different colours and fabrics to choose from 
  • No need to worry about batteries or electrical faults  

Electrical Awnings 

Do you want a trendy awning that works on a sensor, that’s enough to make the neighbours jealous, surely? Choose an electrical awning and steal the show with your garden. 

If you want the ability to draw a sunshade over you at the touch of a button, or instant protection from a light summer shower, an electric awning is just what you need. 

The electric patio awnings we offer here at Fraser James Blinds bear all the quality features of ourtraditional awnings, yet they’re motorised. This means that you no longer need to scramble to roll up your awning if the weather turns bad – just one click and you can head back inside. Simple. 

Of course, with our electric retractable awnings, you still get the same wide array of options when it comes to colours, styles, and fabrics, so you can make sure that your new awning fits perfectly with your home’s aesthetic. 

What are Awnings for Houses Used for? 

Awnings aren’t just a party piece; they are a practical and stylish way of improving the functionality of your garden for use, no matter the weather. 

Awnings provide effective shade in the peak of summer and keep the rain at bay when the heavens open, so you can host garden parties or enjoy relaxing outdoor coffee breaks whenever you like. No more dashing about to collect chair covers in from the rain! 🌧  

They can also be used to create cosy spaces in your outdoor space for entertainment, relaxation, and play. Here are just a few ideas of how an awning can be used.

 5 Ideas of How an Awning Can be Used 

Alfresco Dining 

If you enjoy entertaining friends and family or just love eating outside, awnings are a fantastic way of creating a cosy alfresco dining area over your patio or garden. 

Not only will the awning provide shade from the hot midday sun for lunchtime dining, and shelter from light rain showers, but it will also help to define the space as a dining area. No longer will your outdoor table and chairs be floating randomly in your garden. 

Level up with the addition of outdoor heaters and integrated LED lights, this helps to create a lovely and relaxing ambience for you and your guests, much like outdoor dining areas at your favourite restaurant. Get your chef’s hat on and start making a meal to match your classy new dining area! 

Weinor awning

Extend Living Areas Outside 

Awnings for houses can be used to blend the lines between your outdoor and indoor living spaces. If you have a large patio or bi-fold doors opening out onto your garden from your living room, then an awning will help to connect the two and make your indoor living space appear larger and more open. 

If you have a smaller living room, then the addition of an awning will improve your useable space and avoid feeling cramped, especially with guests.  

This could be right up your alley if you enjoy BBQing or partying and need a bigger space for hosting. 

Sunset cocktails 

An awning is a great way to create an outdoor space for evening entertaining, cocktails anyone?  

It allows you to create extra space to make sure there’s plenty of seating and a few tables around so people can put their drinks down, and perhaps some fairy lights to make the place feel cosy.  

Lighting is often overlooked in a garden but add a soft glow with lanterns or solar-powered lighting strung about the space to bring the place to life and create a welcoming atmosphere. 

Whether you enjoy a cocktail, mocktail, soft drink or just some good old water, enjoy it outside under your awning! 

sunset cocktails under the awning

Cool evenings 

A lot of customers tell us they want to extend their entertaining space into the garden so they can enjoy the outdoors at all times of day whether that be when the sun is at its peak or during sunset, and we don’t blame you!  

Awnings are an ideal solution to do just that. Not only this but here at Fraser James Blinds, integrated lighting and heating can also be added to your awning for extra comfort on those really chilly evenings. 

Awnings aren’t just for summer, they’re for winter too! 

Coll evenings under the awning

An Oasis in your Garden 

Fancy heading to the spa? A hot tub is a perfect way to transform your outdoor space into a revitalising spa retreat, and with an awning to provide shelter you can make the most of it all year round. 

With awning accessories, you can fully customise your awning to match your lifestyle, home, and garden. Add in some lounge chairs, pretty fairy lights, and relaxing music and create the ideal spa retreat at home. Quiet time and face masks are not included! 

Finding Your Perfect Awning  

Our team of expert fitters can help transform your patio with premium quality bespoke awnings for houses. Choose from a wide range of cover styles and colours all made from the finest, most durable materials. Our awnings come with manual or electric operation systems to suit all budgets. 

Our clients rave about our awnings for houses. Don’t believe us? Just look at our fantastic video customer testimonials and 4.97-star ratings from 328 reviews!  

Here at Fraser James Blinds, we have over 10 years of experience in designing, manufacturing, and installing made-to-measure patio awnings to suit gardens of any size. As with all our products, customer choice is paramount, and we have a huge range of fabrics and materials to choose from, available in many colours and patterns to suit any taste. 

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