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Home » Blog » How to Wash Vertical Blinds

How to Wash Vertical Blinds

Home » Blog » How to Wash Vertical Blinds

How to Wash Vertical Blinds

How to Wash Vertical Blinds – The Ultimate Guide

A complete guide on washing your vertical blinds so they look and feel fresh!


Are you noticing that your vertical blinds don’t look so fresh as they previously were? It’s time to give them a good and thorough clean. Vertical blinds may attract less dust than the other types of leading blind types however they still need to be maintained throughout the year and in this guide we will show you how to wash them.


Before you start

As you begin to take your blinds down to give them a wash it may be a good idea to see what material they are made from – as for example Fabric blinds can be washed by hand and in the washing machine however Wooden blinds should not be soaked at all due to the material its made from.

It’s always best practice to check the manufacturer’s notes to see the best way to maintain your vertical blinds going forward.



How to wash Vertical Blinds

What can I use to wash my vertical blinds?

Even though fabric vertical blinds attract dust and dirt very quickly and easy, they are also very simple to wash – You will only need a few cleaning essentials and some soapy water to get your vertical blinds washed to quickly revive them back to life in your home!


We have listed some of the recommendations from our team:


Various Towels

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner with Brush

Microfibre Clothes

Bucket of Warm Water

Mild Soap


How to Clean Vertical Blinds

If you haven’t washed your vertical blinds before it can be hard to know where to begin however with our easy 5 step simple process you will be washing your blinds in no time!


1. Remove Blinds and Wipe Headrail

Firstly you need to remove the blinds from the hanging position this isn’t necessary if you are dusting or spring cleaning on the weekends however we will be washing the blinds so we will need to have them removed. This also allows you to soak all your blinds at once or use the washing machine to wash the blinds.

Unhook your Blind Louvres from your headrail these are the slats – gently take these down and lay them out on a flat surface this will enable you to clean the headrail. Grab one of the recommended cleaning products and clean the top of the headrail and remove any marks or dirt.


2. Dusting your vertical blinds

With all of your blinds laid out in front of you, we can begin dusting the blinds, Use your microfibre cloth or feather duster to get most of the dust of the louvres – move from top to bottom and make sure you capture all of the dust.

If you still believe you have dust leftover and want a more thorough dusting you can use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to make sure your blinds are completely dust and debris free.


3.Washing your blinds

With the dusting process completed, you are ready to move on to cleaning your blinds.

For this you have two options – You will either want to fill a large bucket or bathtub with the blinds in there to soak or you can use your washing machine on a 30c wash, Please always check the manufacturers notes to see if your blinds are machine washable.

Washing in the bath you will want to fill the bath with a mixture of warm water and soap or mild detergent. Carefully wash the blinds in the bath until they look clean, Be careful not to use Hot water as this can cause damage to the blinds and also make sure all your soap ingredients allow for gentle fabric materials.

Using your washing machine? Roll them up and secure them inside a pillowcase or material bag to help prevent damage to the blinds – this can also avoid the blinds from fraying when in the washing machine. Use a gentle laundry detergent to wash the blinds and make sure the washing machine is set to 30 degrees celsius.

If you have any stains or marks that are being stubborn when trying to wash the blinds then you can use a sponge and soapy water to buff away these spots – Be wary of using stain remover as this can cause damage to the blind, always check a test area before using any cleaning products.


4.Drying your vertical blinds

Now that your blinds are all washed you are ready to dry the blinds – you will want to avoid hanging the blinds as this can cause the blinds to loose shape and not maintain its original look. Find a large flat surface and lay all of the louvres out evenly with gaps so they don’t overlap, This is the best way to dry them while maintaining shape and preventing damage.

If you need to dry your blinds quicker than usual feel free to use a hairdryer on the cool setting as any heat can cause the blinds to deform and damage, Do not use the tumble dryer as this will cause damage to the louvres.


5.Rehang your blinds

Moving onto the last step, After your blinds are completely dry you can move to rehanging your blinds on the headrail – You will need to make sure that you take care when rehanging your blinds as the clips can be brittle when not used.

Now your blinds are looking more refreshed than ever – make sure you keep on your regular dusting schedule and you can keep your blinds looking new forever!


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