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Are Awnings Waterproof?

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Are Awnings Waterproof?

Our British climate can make predicting the weather a tricky prospect. You may have your awning extended to protect you from the sun, pop to do your weekly shop, and come back to find it’s pouring with rain. 🌧  

For that reason, it is SO important to know whether your awning is waterproof or weather resistant so that you can keep it in tip-top shape. Not all awnings are waterproof or suitable for any conditions other than glorious sunshine! ☀️ 

Are Awnings Waterproof? 

Awnings, by their very design, are made mainly for use in sunny conditions. Fabrics that are UPF 50+ offer protection against harmful UV rays and supply needed shade so that you can make the most of your outdoor area during the sunnier months. 

No awnings on the market are constructed to be used in moderate/heavy rain or in extremely windy weather. Therefore, manufacturers will recommend that awnings are not used in any extreme conditions. One of the main dangers is that water can start to collect in the fabric which will damage the awning or its structural integrity. 

Some owners may decide to keep their awning extended during occasional light showers to avoid having to retreat inside. This is common with higher quality awnings which can be made to withstand moderate conditions without incurring damage. 

This will be dependent on the type of awning which you choose as it will need a pitch of 15 degrees to protect against damage.  

Do Awnings Protect from Rain? 

At Fraser James Blinds, all our awnings are weather resistant. This means that our awnings cannot be classified as waterproof since they can only sustain light rainfall, and therefore, may become damaged if hit by heavy rainfall. Let’s be honest, none of us are diving outside to enjoy the heavy rainfall are we, your awnings enjoy that as much as you!  

Awnings by their nature are not designed for heavy rainfall but can withstand some light rain provided they are made from the right fabric. 

But don’t be disheartened. Our awnings may not be waterproof, but they can keep you protected from that beautiful summer sunshine as well as those classic British showers that always pop out during the family BBQ.   

We provide homeowners with beautiful awning options, including manual awnings, electrical awnings and retractable awnings, to suit your individual needs. 

Are Retractable Awnings Waterproof? 

Similar to what we said above, retractable awnings are manufactured to protect your patio from harsh sunlight and wind gusts. Our Weinor awnings have been tested at many wind speeds and can withstand up to 23mph!  

However, our retractable awnings are intended purely for solar protection and should not be used for heavy rainfall. If you are looking for rain/wind protection, then you will require a veranda or pergola. 

Is Awning Fabric Waterproof? 

The awning fabrics used by Fraser James Blinds are water-resistant, meaning that they should only be used for light rainfall. The high-quality fabric we use is made to repel water whilst also blocking the sun’s UV rays. During most rain events, the water will simply bead off, thus providing adequate protection from the rain. ☔️  

Can Awnings be Used in Winter? 

Awnings can be used all year round. Just make sure they are not left extended during high winds, rain, and snow that you will often receive during UK winters. We recommend that your awnings are kept reeled in during the winter when there is the uncertainty of the weather and to reduce the risk of any damage.  

If your awning is accidentally left out during bad weather in the wintertime, then any debris or water/snow MUST be removed to avoid it from becoming damaged. 

You can, of course, still use your awnings in the winter when the weather is clear! If you are lucky enough to own a fire pit, our awnings are perfect to give your patio those cosy feelings. 

If you are left wondering, why your awning can’t be left out then let’s explain it another way… 

If you have garden furniture outside such as fabric chairs or pillows, I’m sure you wouldn’t leave those out in the snow for fear of damage so why would you leave your awning exposed to the elements?  

Getting your awning tucked away safely is no different from popping your fancy cushions away in the shed to shield them from the forces of nature! 

Finding your Perfect Awning 

Our team of expert fitters can help transform your patio with premium quality bespoke awnings. Choose from a wide range of cover styles and colours all made from the finest, most durable materials. Our awnings come with manual or electric operation systems to suit all budgets. 

Here at Fraser James Blinds we have over 10 years of experience in designing, manufacturing, and installing made-to-measure patio awnings to suit gardens of any size. As with all of our products, customer choice is paramount, and we have a huge range of awning fabrics and materials to choose from, available in many colours and patterns to suit any tastes. 

We are happy to answer any questions about awnings and help you make the best decision to suit your needs and preferences.

Enquire now here!  

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