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What Are the Best Blackout Blinds for Bedrooms?

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What Are the Best Blackout Blinds for Bedrooms?

So, you want your bedroom as dark as possible? We understand the assignment, and we have the perfect solution for you. Blackout blinds!  

If blacking out the room is important to you, then these blinds are the best fit for the job as they block out 95% of all light. Here at Fraser James Blinds, we offer an extensive range of blackout solutions. These include blackout fabrics for Roller, Vertical and Electric blinds, and blackout linings for Roman blinds.  

Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds


Roller Blinds offer a completely compact and practical window dressing solution, with an extensive range of colours, designs, patterns, and fabrics to cater to all tastes. Moreover, they can fit almost any size window, so they are a great way to instantly transform and update your scheme. 

Roller blinds are perfect for all rooms in the home. However, they are particularly great for bedrooms, given how easy they are to motorise and fit with a blackout lining.  

A blackout roller blind is an easy way to cast your room into total darkness. Ideal for night-shift workers, light sleepers looking to reduce streetlight glare and children who take daytime naps, blackout roller blinds are the perfect choice for your bedroom.  

Roman Blinds 

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds bring simple, elegant style to any room, offering high levels of privacy in a limitless range of colours, designs, and patterns. For a sophisticated bedroom scheme, choose a Roman blind in a fabric that complements your bed linens and accessories.

The bespoke Roman blinds at Fraser James Blinds are designed around your needs, with over 300 fabrics to choose including thicker materials to block draughts and many more.

All our Roman blinds come fully lined as standard, but for bedrooms, we recommend upgrading to a blackout lining to ensure maximum control over unwanted light.

Electric Blinds

electrical blinds

Electric blackout blinds eliminate light almost completely, making them the perfect window shading system for bedrooms. At the touch of a button, any blind can be raised or lowered to the required point – making this a convenient option for large properties or for window blinds which aren’t easy to reach for manual operation.

You’re guaranteed a great night’s sleep with our electric blackout roller blinds range. Set automated timers to open and close blinds to suit your lifestyle and wake up with natural light.

As well as adding a little luxury to your home, remote blinds also remove the need for a cord or chain, which means it is safer for young children and pets. 

Children’s Blinds

Childrens Blinds

Customise your child’s bedroom with kids’ blackout blinds that will inspire their imagination. Choose a blackout roman or roller blinds in a fun design, striped or plain fabric and make sure your child gets a great night’s sleep.

Our tailor-made children’s blinds will help bring to life their favourite superheroes and most beloved cartoon characters – injecting some fun into the overall decoration of their bedroom or playroom.

Whichever blackout fabric blinds you choose for your child’s bedroom, our expert advisors are on-hand to talk you through all the options and to provide guidance on keeping your child safe. 

And our fitters will take care of installing all the appropriate safety devices on your chosen blind during your fitting appointment. 

Perfect Fit Blinds

Perfect Fit Blinds

If you’re searching for made-to-measure blinds with total window coverage, perfect fit blinds are the ideal solution.

Some blind types may allow a small amount of light in around the sides or between louvres. Opting for a Perfect Fit blind will help this, as the blind sits snugly within a special frame. 

Blackout perfect fit blinds provide a great room darkening effect and complete privacy, so they’re a great fit for bedrooms and nurseries, allowing restful sleep at any time of the day or night. 

Do blackout blinds keep the heat out? 

In summer, Blackout blinds can help keep your home cooler by reducing the amount of heat that enters your room through your windows.

During the winter months, Blackout blinds can also help keep heat in, helping to reduce your energy costs and keeping your home cosier.

What are Blackout Blinds good for? 

  • Minimising light levels in bedrooms to create a restful environment 
  • Keeping rooms cool by reducing sunlight levels, which is a MUST in summer!  
  • Reducing glare on TV and laptop screens 
  • Suitable for all budgets, with various styles to choose from.

What blinds should I choose?

If you have done some research but are still struggling to decide on the right style of blinds for you, try ourblinds finder quiz. Simply answer a sequence of questions, and we recommend a style of blinds to suit your needs.

Alternatively, you can also use ourblinds comparison tool to quickly compare the features of different kinds of blinds. 

Top quality bedroom Blindsin Leicester, Coventry, Northampton, Nottingham & Derby

We believe every bedroom deserves the best possible quality when it comes to blinds and window dressings, and here at Fraser James Blinds, we are dedicated to helping you find the perfect blinds for your home at the best possible price.

We supply and install a range of bespoke, custom, made-to-measure blinds to complement any theme, decor, or taste. Whether you’re in need of stylishRoman blindsorroller blinds, or require Children’s blinds for your nursery, look no further than Fraser James Blinds.

To arrange a free home visit in Leicester, Coventry, Northampton, Nottingham & Derby, or the surrounding areas,contact Fraser James.

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