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Awning Vs Pergola: Which Should You Choose?

There are many outdoor structures like awnings and pergolas which can be added to your garden for extra protection. If you are looking to give your garden an upgrade, then you may be considering one of these two structures since they are the most popular, but which should you choose?

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Awning Vs Pergola: Which Should You Choose?

Your outdoor area should be your oasis for relaxation and calm, but mother nature is unpredictable, and the weather can easily disrupt your peaceful day. 

No need to fear, there are many outdoor structures like awnings and pergolas which can be added to your garden for extra protection. If you are looking to give your garden an upgrade, then you may be considering one of these two structures since they are the most popular, but which should you choose? 

We are here to help by including all the benefits and drawbacks of both down below to help you decide. 


What are awnings and pergolas? 

Firstly, we need to know what the difference is between these two types of sun cover: 

An awning is a fabric covering which is attached to your house and is extended to provide cover from the sun. Awnings provide effective shade in the peak of summer and keep the rain at bay when the heavens open, so you can host garden parties or enjoy relaxing outdoor coffee breaks whenever you like. 

A pergola is NOT connected to the house and is a structure with columns supporting a “roof”. This roof is usually a grid of beams which a cover can be draped over for greater protection. 

Awning Vs Pergola

Pros of an Awning Vs Pergola

Now that you know what awnings and pergolas are, it is time to find out the greatest things about both.  


  • Awnings provide sun protection and covered areas can be up to 20 degrees cooler than uncovered areas! Perfect for those sunny British summers. 
  • Awnings are a breeze to install and need very little outside space to be installed. 
  • If you are looking for extra privacy, then awnings are the one for you! Especially if your garden is not secluded, then it allows for more privacy when sitting in your garden.  
  • Awnings not only keep your outside area cool but can keep your indoors cooler in turn reducing your bills! 
  • They protect your furniture from sun exposure which can cause sun bleaching especially if you have fabric chairs, sofas or pillows. 
  • If you are looking to boost your home value then awnings are the way forward, increasing the useable space outside is a great way to add value. 


  • Pergolas are extremely sturdy structures and are made from wood, sometimes with cement or metal at the base. 
  • These are usually free-standing which is ideal if you want them away from the home such as next to a pond, flower beds or another garden feature. 
  • Aesthetically, pergolas can be beautiful and can bring a lovely aesthetic to an outside area.  


Cons of an Awning Vs Pergola

Often the cons can influence your final decision more than the positives however, neither awnings nor pergolas are bad choices, just suited for different needs. Here are a few things you may need to consider when choosing an awning or pergola.


  • Awnings are not waterproof and can only provide light protection from the rain so no sitting outside in a downpour, but honestly…who wants to do that anyway?! 
  • Awnings cannot be left out in extreme weather such as heavy rain, strong wind, snow etc. If you have an electric awning then they can be retracted with the touch of a button, simple! 
  • If awnings are accidentally left out or get damaged, then they may require maintenance which could be an extra cost in the future. If you look after your awning as per our guidance then this shouldn’t be an issue anyway, if it doesn’t get damaged then it won’t need repairing! 


  • Unless you add a cover, pergolas do let the sun in and therefore do not provide substantial sun protection. Time to get factor 50+ out! 
  • Whereas awnings can be retracted, a pergola is permanent and cannot be moved which may not suit your lifestyle if you like to change your outdoor space regularly. 
  • Pergolas require a substantial amount of outside space and take more time and effort to install. But don’t worry, Fraser James Blinds have got you with this. Our team are all fully qualified from start to finish. 
  • Due to their structure, without a cover, they will not provide shelter from the rain. 


What Should You Choose? 

Awnings and pergolas are both amazing choices for your garden, but which one is best? We can’t choose our favourite child either! Like we said earlier, Awnings and Pergolas are both brilliant choices. They are just suited for different wants and needs. 

Our team of expert fitters can help transform your patio with premium quality bespoke awnings. Choose from a wide range of cover styles and colours all made from the finest, most durable materials. Our awnings come with manual or electric operation systems to suit all budgets. 

Our customers love our awnings. Just take a look at our two amazing video customer testimonials and 4.97-star ratings from 328 reviews! 

Here at Fraser James Blinds, we have over 10 years of experience in designing, manufacturing, and installing made-to-measure patio awnings to suit gardens of any size. As with all of our products, customer choice is paramount, and we have a huge range of fabrics and materials to choose from, available in many colours and patterns to suit any taste.  

Additionally, if you are interested in pergolas, and are interested in a free home visit with our team, please get in touch with us by calling 0116 277 9024 or emailing enquiries@fraserjamesblinds.co.uk today.

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