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What Is the Difference Between Full Cassette, Semi-Cassette, And Open Awnings?

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What Is the Difference Between Full Cassette, Semi-Cassette, And Open Awnings?

So, you’ve decided that you want to upgrade your outdoor space with an awning. Good choice! But, when you come to purchase one, you’ll no doubt discover that there are various options that each offer their own pros and cons. So, how do you choose?  

In this blog, we’ll discuss the differences between a full cassette, semi-cassette and open awning, to help you make the right choice for your garden or patio. 

What is a cassette awning 

The cassette is the casing where the awning retracts into when it’s not extended. Cassettes are used to protect the awning from rain, dirt and other potential damage whilst it is retracted. 

Depending on your preference, you can get full-cassette awnings, semi-cassette awnings or open awnings. Each one of these protects the mechanism to some extent and each has different benefits to consider so that your awning works perfectly for your space and lifestyle. 

A full cassette encloses the roller completely and is fully stored when the awning is retracted, while the open option is fully exposed.  

Open Awnings 


If you have a larger roof overhang, and your garden is enclosed, you may find that your garden awning is protected enough from bad weather without the need for a cassette casing.  

Open awnings have an exposed roller and mechanism, but you may want to incorporate a top cover for added protection especially if you are prone to frequent or unpredictable bad weather in your area. Open awnings will still provide the same level of sun protection as other types of awnings and will still be the same high-quality standard. 

A great open awning is the Weinor Topas. The Topas is a classic entry-level awning for anyone wanting to save money without sacrificing quality. Its uncomplicated technology makes it stable and wind-resistant. When open, the awning stands out for its extreme flexibility: with or without a protective roof, it can be installed in various ways to fit into all kinds of different structural situations and applications.  Get in touch now to book a consultation and home visit.

Semi-cassette Awnings 

If you have a more sheltered garden or patio, a semi-cassette awning may be sufficient for your needs.  

A semi-cassette awning is ideal for most situations, delivering a medium level of protection from weather damage and general wear and tear from the elements due to it having half of a cassette which sits above the roll of fabric. 

As previously mentioned, the top of the fabric roll is protected by a case, and you can also invest in end caps if you want extra protection from rain damage or dirt collecting. Semi-cassette awnings can offer more in terms of extended arm sizes, gas strut supports, lighting and other add-ons that would not be possible on full cassette awnings.  

At Fraser James Blinds, you can be certain that you will find a semi-cassette awning that will suit your home, restaurant, shop or café. In fact, the Semina Semi Cassette awning is a great choice. The Semina combines a fresh, youthful design with proven technology and reliable quality. The semi-cassette provides for safety, the safe protection of the fabric and technology and therefore also for an exceptionally long service life. 

Full-cassette Awnings 

This type of awning delivers the highest level of protection from the elements, as the roller and the whole arm mechanism are enclosed when the awning is retracted. This shields the whole system from the elements, including heavy rain, and from dirt that can accumulate.  

Weinor’s Kubata full-casette retractable awning is a great example. The all-round enclosed and robust awning cassette keeps the fabric and other component parts just as well protected from the elements as the controlled rain drainage within the front profile. As a result, you can enjoy your sun protection for many years. Kubata is fixed almost flush to the wall so that no rainwater or dirt makes the house wall dirty under the awning cassette. 

Which should I choose? 

The type of awning you decide to purchase depends on the type of property you’ll be installing it on and the level of protection the awning will have as a result. If your outdoor space is already quite sheltered, you may find that an open or semi-cassette awning is sufficient. 

However, if you have an open garden without much protection from balconies and overhangs above, or you’re a business and want to protect your awning from damage or vandalism, then a full-cassette awning may be a better option to protect your investment. 

Finding your Perfect Awning 

Our team of expert fitters can help transform your patio with premium quality bespoke outdoor awnings. Choose from a wide range of cover styles and colours all made from the finest, most durable materials. Our awnings come with manual or electric operation systems to suit all budgets.  

Here at Fraser James Blinds, we have over 10 years of experience in designing, manufacturing, and installing made-to-measure awnings for patios to suit gardens of any size. As with all our products, customer choice is paramount, and we have a huge range of awning fabrics and materials to choose from, available in many colours and patterns to suit any tastes.   

We are happy to answer any questions about awnings and help you make the best decision to suit your needs and preferences.  

Enquire now here!    

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