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Moving Into a New House? Here's a Checklist of Everything You Need!

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Moving Into a New House? Here’s a Checklist of Everything You Need!

When you move house, the number of tasks you must keep in mind can be daunting, to say the least. The Fraser James Blinds team thought we’d simplify this process by creating an easy-to-use checklist, so you can keep on top of everything you need to do.  

We have our first top tip to start your move with a bang.  

Top Tip: Pack and label your boxes according to the room! This means that all your kitchen boxes end up in the kitchen, for example. This is especially useful if you have people helping you move!  

Keep an eye out for these top tips throughout this checklist to help you along your way but without further ado, let’s get going!  


The kitchen can be the heart of your home, especially if you are a foodie, and whilst a celebratory takeaway can suffice for the first night, you want to make sure your kitchen is kitted out from the get-go. The following things are a few things you should consider:   

  • Table and chairs  
  • Kettle  
  • Mugs/Glasses  
  • Tea Towels/pan scrubbers  
  • Microwave  
  • Chopping board 
  • Rubbish bin
  • Pots and pans 
  • Cutlery 
  • Toaster
  • Crockery
  • Tin foil/cling film  

Top Tip: When packing your moving boxes, ensure you have easy access to essential items such as mugs and glasses. No one wants to be rummaging through boxes for their morning coffee!  

It’s not just the cupboards that need attention, you should consider your window coverings wisely and ensure that your blinds or shutters are suitable for the area. They are also a great way to put your own unique touch on a new home. If you need expert advice on the best window coverings for the kitchen, take a read of our latest blog here


Before your bedroom becomes a relaxing oasis of calm and serenity, you must acquire the basics. Of course, the most important thing you need in your new bedroom is a bed (what could be worse than sleeping on your mattress on the floor?!). However, there are a few more essentials you need, including:   

  • Bedding  
  • Duvet and pillows  
  • Blankets  
  • Bedside lamp  
  • Bedside table  
  • Wardrobe  
  • Drawers  
  • A Mirror  
  • Curtains or blinds  

Top Tip: Order your curtains, blinds, or shutters BEFORE you move in. What would a bedroom be without curtains, blinds or even shutters? I don’t think anyone likes being woken up at the crack of dawn by the morning sunlight, so this is a super important one!  

The first thing you need to do is get your windows measured. If you’re moving into a brand-new home or an old home that needs some work, we recommend waiting until all the plastering, tiling, and flooring are finished; that way, when we visit to measure, we can take accurate measurements and will not have to re-visit.   

If you want the blinds for your new home installed on the same day you move in, you need to think a few weeks in advance as the time it takes to make the blinds or shutters can vary from product to product.   


Bathrooms usually have the essentials such as a toilet, shower or bath, and a sink. The following items will cover everything you will need in your bathroom in your new house:   

  • Towels  
  • Bathmat  
  • Toilet roll holder and toilet roll  
  • Bin  
  • Toothbrush/toothpaste  
  • Shampoo/shower gels  
  • Cleaning products  
  • Hand wash and soap  

Top Tip: Pack your daily items separately! You don’t need that fancy bubble bath on your first night, but you will need your toothbrush.  

Living Room  

Your living room is usually the first place you come to when you enter your home, so make sure you feel comfortable and cosy right from the get-go by purchasing these essentials for your most-used space. Here are a few items you may need:  

  • Sofa or chairs  
  • Coffee tables  
  • TV 
  • TV stand 
  • Side lamps 
  • Wi-Fi  

Top Tip: Set up your Wi-Fi before the move-in day. Everything uses the internet, from Netflix to working from home, so make sure it is set up in advance. After a day of moving, a cheesy Netflix rom-com may be just what you need.  


These aren’t necessarily essential items, but if you want to move in with a bang, consider some of these items for your garden:   

  • Outdoor furniture  
  • Shelter  
  • Fairy lights  
  • Plants and plant pots  
  • Watering can
  • Garden hose  

Top Tip: Whether you have a large grass garden, a paved patio, or a balcony: make use of your outdoor space! Even if all you can fit is a small table, chair, and potted plant!  

An outdoor addition which we would recommend investing in is an awning! Now, this is not a product you need for the initial moving-in phase; however, it is an excellent addition to your home once you are settled.   

Awnings provide an area of shade outside your home which can protect you from the sun, keep your home cooler in summer and offer protection against the cold in the winter.   

With our high-quality, expert-fitted awnings, you won’t regret it! Click here to find out more about what our awnings can provide for you.  

Cleaning Products  

No doubt you’ll want to be keeping your new home spick and span! Set yourself up for success by ensuring you have all the necessary cleaning supplies for spraying, scrubbing, scouring, washing and dusting.  

  • A Hoover  
  • Floor mop and bucket  
  • Washing powder and fabric softener  
  • Dustpan and brush  
  • Spray surface cleaner  
  • Wiping cloths 
  • Floor cleaner 
  • A clothes horse 
  • Washing up liquid 
  • Disinfectant  

Top Tip: You may believe your home will be spotless when you move in, but moving can create dirt and dust from the get-go. All-purpose cleaning spray and kitchen sponges can be a lifesaver in a pinch.  

Other Essentials  

  • Plasters  
  • Medicines like paracetamol  
  • Batteries  
  • A torch  
  • Ladder  
  • Tools like a hammer, screwdrivers, and nails
  • Scissors
  • Sellotape
  • Measuring tape
  • Plug extension leads  

Top Tip: Expect the unexpected! Moving does not always go to plan, so having miscellaneous items such as plasters and tools can save the day.  

Making Moving Day (and Moving Day Preparation) Simple and Stress-free  

All it takes is a little forethought and planning to limit moving day stresses. Knowing what to do before moving into a new house and what to buy when moving to a new home will put you in good stead for a successful move.  

Planning for a new place to live (whether it’s your first time moving out or your 100th time moving house) and thinking about the stunning homewares you’re going to buy to turn your house into a home is a fantastic experience – so enjoy it as much as you can!  

We hope this moving house checklist of the essentials makes life a little simpler for you.  

Finding the Perfect Window Covering for Your Home   

Window coverings are far more important than you think, they can really bring your personality into a new house and truly make it feel yours. They provide privacy, they elevate your home’s décor, and they can even save you money!    

When looking for the perfect window coverings for your home, look no further than Fraser James Blinds. There’s something for everyone here, with various fabrics, designs, finishes and colours, offering quality that off-the-shelf solutions cannot match.   

Our blinds and shutters are made from the highest quality materials and components. Our experienced team will work closely with you to find the perfect window dressing for any room in your home, designed around your specific needs.   

Contact Fraser James Blinds today to arrange a free home visit in Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Coventry, Northampton or the surrounding areas.

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