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Home » Blog » What blinds are best for patio doors?

What blinds are best for patio doors?

Home » Blog » What blinds are best for patio doors?

What blinds are best for patio doors?

What blinds are best for patio doors?

Patio doors are a popular home design feature, especially when the home is more open plan. The large glass panels are a staple piece of a larger and welcoming home. Even though these doors are a beautiful design, Any glass doors pose challenges when it comes to containing light in your livable space.

If you are lucky enough to own patio doors then you more than likely know the hardship it is to maintain a level of privacy while still letting natural light into your home when choosing a window covering – Also something to bear in mind is making sure that the door is still fully functional as corded mechanisms and tangled window slats can cause issues when using the door on a daily basis.

The Best Blinds for Patio Doors

The purpose of this guide is to provide informative answers to the most posing questions when it comes to choosing the best solution for your patio doors. You may need to compromise on budget, style or design to find the blind that fits best on your doors – here are some of the best ones we recommend:

1. Day & Night Blinds

The light control and versatility of these blinds are unmatched, these blinds are a great choice. Day & Night Blinds use alternating layers of strips – one that is completely opaque and sheer ones that let light through. You can adjust the layout of the strips to only show the sheer ones so you fill the room with natural light or only show the opaque ones to completely darken the room.

2. Vertical Blinds 

Vertical blinds are a more common choice for patio doors and are the perfect choice if you want to choose practicality over design, Vertical blinds feature vertical slats that run straight up or down rather than the usual horizontal design or other blinds; making it very easy to open and close your patio doors on a regular basis. These blinds are incredibly easy to clean as they collect dust because of the vertical layout of the slats, since the dirt and debris falls to the floor rather than lingering on the surface. Vertical blinds are also ideal of any patio door as they can be customised to fit almost any patio door.

3. Perfect fit Blinds

Perfect fit blinds are a great choice for the busy individual that use your patio doors all the time or have small children that love to use the doors to go back and forth from outside. You fit Perfect fit blinds by snapping them between the window and the beading of your uPVC doors and require no drilling in the installation process, This means no mess and no experience necessary to fit them!

Because Perfect fit blinds fit directly to the door frame so you won’t need to touch the blinds to open and close the doors. 


4. Roller blinds

 An option for busy homes and patio doors that are being used regularly in the home are roller blinds, these traditional window coverings feature a large section of material that can’t let light in which is rolled up with a mechanism that is connected to the headrail. They offer a modern, sleek look in the home and can be heavily customised perfect for sliding patio doors. 

5. Thermal Blinds

If you are focused on keeping your energy bills down and keeping your house well insulated then you may want patio door blinds that support this goal. Thermal blinds are made of fabrics that keep heat in and cool down the house when its sunny outside this in effect keeping your house bills down – The National Energy Foundation found that these blinds can increase energy savings by up to 47%. These blinds come in various different designs and sizes to suit any home.

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