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Autumn 2023’s Interior Design Trends: Nostalgic Style with a Twist

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Autumn 2023’s Interior Design Trends: Nostalgic Style with a Twist

As the weather cools down and leaves turn into warm colours, changes are happening not only where closets are concerned but also in homes as well this fall. 

Living spaces are also getting a fun makeover as we explore the exciting world of interior design trends for the upcoming season. 

This year, Autumn is taking you on a journey back in time while adding a playful and energetic vibe to your homes. 

From bringing back old styles to adding bold and lively colours, here are nine design trends that will easily transform your living area into a cosy and inviting haven, and here at Fraser James Blinds, we have blinds to match with every upcoming trend.

Playful Shapes 

Remember those charmingly quirky shapes from the ’70s and ’80s? They’re making a comeback this Autumn! 

Get ready for sofas, chairs, and coffee tables with artistic designs that are out of the ordinary. Think of circular sectionals that wrap around you, triangular shelves for your books, and curvy armchairs that tempt you to curl up with a good book. 

These creative pieces will certainly bring a sense of fun to your living space, making it feel light and cheerful.

A Mix of Colours 

This upcoming season is all about mixing and matching colours. Don’t be afraid to combine shades that resonate with your style. Whether it’s bold oranges with rich purples or deep blues with sunny yellows – the options are endless. 

This trend encourages you to express yourself and brings a lively and energetic feel to your space. Imagine a cosy reading corner with a royal blue chair paired with a fiery red throw blanket – it’s a statement that’s all about you.

Vision Blinds in Kitchen


Mustard’s Comeback 

Say goodbye to dull beige! Mustard is taking centre stage this fall, bringing both nostalgia and a modern touch. 

Whether you add it through accent pillows, rugs, or furniture, mustard fits perfectly with the cosy vibe of the season. 

Picture a couch in mustard tones against neutral shades – it’s an instant burst of personality and warmth in your living room.

Deep Green Vibes 

Bringing the outdoors inside is always fascinating, and this autumn, deep green is the star colour. 

Imagine a cosy corner with forest-green cushions, next to a big window framing the falling leaves outside. 

This colour creates a calm atmosphere in your home. From green indoor plants to deep green curtains, it’s like having a piece of nature right inside.

Red vs. Blue Drama 

The classic contrast between red and blue is making a striking comeback. These contrasting colours are creating an engaging visual scene in your living spaces. 

Whether you prefer the passionate red or the calming blue, this trend lets you showcase your inner duality. 

Imagine a red wall paired with blue furniture – a dynamic and visually captivating setting that captures the essence of this trend.

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Charm of Coloured Glass 

Get ready to be captivated by coloured glass that goes beyond clear glass. 

From vases that catch the light and paint colourful patterns on your walls to pendant lights that emit a gentle glow – this trend adds an air of mystery and elegance. 

Picture a multi-coloured glass chandelier over your dining table, transforming every meal into an enchanting experience.

Geometric Patterns 

Geometric designs are making a strong comeback this upcoming season. From detailed wallpaper patterns on your living room walls to standout rugs in your bedroom, these precise shapes add a sense of order to your space. 

Embrace the clean lines and repeating forms of geometric patterns, creating an atmosphere of artistic precision. A room decorated with cushions, curtains, and artwork featuring geometric patterns becomes a harmonious masterpiece.

electric roller blind


Bold Rugs as Centrepieces 

Rugs are not just for warmth; they’re becoming the focal point of rooms. Large, captivating rugs in rich colours are becoming eye-catching centrepieces. 

Picture a Moroccan-style rug with intricate patterns stealing the show in your living room. Let the rug tie the room together, encouraging conversations and creating a cosy spot for gatherings.

Elegant Metal Touches 

For a touch of luxury, metal finishes are the way to go. Whether it’s gold, copper, or brass, these metallic accents add a touch of glamour and sophistication. 

Imagine a gleaming brass chandelier over your dining table, casting a warm light over meals. From small decorative elements to larger furniture pieces, these finishes add elegance and class to your space.

Types of Blinds That Match the Trends 

The exciting interior design trends of Autumn 2023 can seamlessly integrate with the array of blinds and shutters, revitalising your living spaces. Embrace the nostalgia of playful shapes by pairing unconventional blinds, like Roman blinds, with circular sectionals or triangular shelving units. 

It would be easy to harmonise layered colours by choosing bold roller blinds that enhance the contrasts between oranges and purples, or blues and yellows. For the warmth of mustard, opt for venetian blinds that align with the cosy season’s palette. 

Complement deep green with wooden blinds, creating a serene backdrop framing the autumn leaves outside. Express the timeless red vs. blue contrast with vibrant vertical blinds that reflect these colours or capture enchanting hues with colourful glass pendant lights, mirroring the effect with sheer blinds. 

Enhance geometric patterns with duette blinds, which would provide added symmetry. Let large, captivating rugs echo through the use of woven wood blinds. Lastly, infuse opulence with metallic accents by selecting aluminium blinds that resonate with elegance. 

As Autumn unfolds, remember that these styles of blinds become canvases for you to express and embrace your unique style.

Roman Blinds

In Conclusion 

In a world where your homes reflect comfort and self-expression, the design trends of Autumn 2023 offer endless possibilities to shape a space that’s truly yours. 

Whether you’re drawn to the whimsy of nostalgic shapes or the vibrancy of bold colours, this season invites you to curate your surroundings with care, creativity, and a touch of vintage charm. 

As the seasons transition, let your living space evolve into a haven that not only mirrors your personal style but also wraps you in comfort, creativity, and warmth, and remember that for every style and trend, Fraser James Blinds can create a bespoke, hand-fitted blind that will perfectly match. 

Fraser James Blind are the leading supplier of made-to-measure blinds throughout Leicester, Coventry and Northampton. To learn more about our products or to enquire about a free home visit, all you have to do is get in touch.

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