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Blinds for Autumn Home Décor

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Blinds for Autumn Home Décor

So, Autumn has finally arrived, which means crisp mornings and frosty nights. An excellent excuse to spruce up your interiors and create the ultimate cosy environment for those at-home movie nights. 

When it comes to window coverings, it’s an essential for all of us that live in colder climates to keep as much heat in our homes as possible. 

Here at Fraser James Blinds, we’ve broken down all our favourite blinds that are PERFECT for your home during this time of year. Prepare to be inspired! 


Roman Blinds 

Roman blindsare a luxurious choice for covering a window. Made from a thicker fabric than roller blinds, they have rods sewn inside to create even folds. As you pull the cord, these blinds neatly unfold from the top of the window.Roller blinds are perfect for all rooms in the home, including living rooms, bathrooms, and home offices. 

However, they are particularly great for bedrooms, given how easy they are to motorise and fit with a blackout lining. 

Our blackout range of Roman blinds gives excellent privacy, they are also easy to operate and are a surprisingly low-maintenance blind option. 

Available in various Autumnal colours and neutrals, perfect for creating a warm and inviting space. 


White Wooden Blinds 

Wooden blindsbring a traditional elegance to any room, and here at Fraser James Blinds, we design and install a range ofwooden blindsto suit any interior. 

Wooden blindswill strengthen the decor of any bedroom, living room or office, bringing subtle style with efficient functionality, including precise light filtration and effective insulation to keep things nice and cosy.If you are looking for natural, homely feelings, wooden blinds will always take the cake. 

White Wooden blinds will help brighten up not only your room but also your mood this Autumn/Winter. They are great for controlling the light, which is especially important at this time of year as the sun is lower down, and they will help prevent any glare which may occur, especially on electronic devices such as your TV or laptop. 


Duette blinds 

Duette Blinds, also known as “honeycomb blinds”, are always a go-to. They are great all year round but specifically for the Autumn/Winter seasons as they provide thermal properties that help keep the heat in your home during those blustery days. 

Here at Fraser James Blinds, we offer a range of Duette blinds suitable for various rooms, tastes, and budgets. 

Did you know that without energy-efficient window treatments, as much as 50% of a home’s heating and cooling energy can be lost through its windows, even with double glazing? Yes, we’re shocked too! 

 So, if you’re interested in a window dressing that could help reduce your energy bills in winter whilst keeping your home cool in the summer, we can help. 

Another key benefit of Duette blinds is their thick, generous fabric. Not only does this bring a sense of softness and security to a room, but it also allows for excellent levels of privacy when the blinds are drawn. 


Roller blinds 

Roller Blindsare also a trendy choice around the UK. Theyoffer a completely compact and practical window dressing solution with an extensive range of colours, designs, patterns, and fabrics to cater to all tastes. 

Roller blindscan be as simple or as creative as you wish; you can keep things clean and contemporary with solid colours and straight lines, or you can opt for a striking combination of scallops, braids and exotic patterns. The choice is entirely yours with made-to-measureroller blindsfrom Fraser James Blinds. 

Blackout Roller blinds in particular are a great staple for any home. The blackout properties are perfect for shift workers who need to get some shut-eye during the day, and also amazing for living rooms, bedrooms and any rooms with screens as the blackout properties help protect against any screen glare. Perfect for those cosy Autumn movie nights! They also are extremely easy to operate and maintain so busy bees can still get on with their day-to-day lives with little extra fuss. 


Popular Window Blind Colours for this Autumn 

Now, what are the trendiest blind colours for Autumn? Well, Autumn is a beautiful time of year, full of warm colours and shades. A great way to make your space cosier is to introduce the warm shades that we have just mentioned. They are versatile enough to not only look amazing in Autumn but all year round. 

Brown and neutral tones are very popular all year round, but especially in the Autumn décor. For a cosy interior, you can pair them with other earthy shades such as greens and oranges, Halloween anyone? 

Burnt orange is another popular colour for the Autumn season, and it’s the colour of autumn leaves and Halloween decorations. For Autumn 2022, we especially recommend the burnt orange shade, and it’s more subtle and versatile than striking orange and will create a cosy atmosphere in your space. 

If warm tones aren’t your cup of tea, then consider a deep forest green to dress your windows. Making all rooms feel cosy and inviting as the weather gets chilly, as well as making rooms feel crisp and cool in the summertime. This darker tone can be ideal for classy décor choices and can bring in other luxurious feeling colour palettes such as jewel tones and crisp whites. 


What blinds should I choose? 

If you have done some research but are still struggling to decide on the right style of blinds for you, try ourblinds finder quiz. Simply answer a sequence of questions, and we recommend a style of blinds to suit your needs. 

Alternatively, you can also use our blinds comparison toolto compare the features of different kinds of blinds quickly. 


Top quality Blinds for Windowsin Leicester, Coventry, Northampton, Nottingham & Derby 

We believe every home deserves the best possible quality when it comes to blinds and window dressings, and here at Fraser James Blinds, we are dedicated to helping you find the perfect blinds for your home at the best possible price. 

From the bedroom and living room to the kitchen and conservatory, we supply and install a range of bespoke, custom, made-to-measure blinds to complement any theme, decor, or taste.  

Whether you require stylishRoman blindsorroller blindsor require blinds to neatly fit yourconservatory, look no further than Fraser James Blinds.  

Contact Fraser James Blinds today to arrange a free home visit inLeicester, Coventry, Northampton, Nottingham & Derby, or the surrounding areas. 

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